How Good is the Nintendo Wii in HD 2020? – HDMI Vs. OSSC


The Nintendo Wii is great for retro gamers with its Gamecube backwards compatibility and it’s SNES, NES, and N64 back catalog. In this show, we take a look at an HDMI converter that will allow you to play your Nintendo Wii via an HDMI cable. We will also compare the HDMI output against the Nintendo Wii played through an OSSC and component cables.

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  1. Also worth mentioning to not forget to go into settings and change the TV type to HD-TV if you're going through full component (and this adapter I imagine) it will only go to 480i but it does improve the picture considerably over standard RF and scart.
    If you're playing a virtual console game after all these years and you have sound but no picture on your modern TV don't panic!! Start the game normally until you see the black screen and make sure your Nunchuck is connected to your Wiimote, press the Home button on your Wiimote to see the menu option and press A + 2 + Z together, to show it's worked you'll be treated with a little ping sound. (Awww!)
    This should have activated the interlaced mode, press home to go back into your Virtual Console game and you should be good! To reverse the process do as before but press A+1+Z instead.
    Nice video Mike and yes, Wii U is certainly the best route to go down. Haha

  2. I couldn't get the wii2hdmi to work with my wii. I tried it on 3 tvs and 2 monitors, every so often the image would show up then disapear. I returned it and tried another and had the same issue. Might be because my wii is hacked, idk. Then I tried a pound hdmi convertor on my genesis and it felt laggy so I've now I found a used ossc on ebay for like $120 shipped and I can just use it with all my old consoles,

  3. It looks good with that cheap one. I use it on Oled and i guess Tv does that upscaling as well. I just noticed that there is some weird artifacts specially in 480p mode. In all reality we only need simple adapters anyways. There is no way that any happy little company that make those upscalers can come even close to big tv manufacturers like Sony, Lg, Samsung…

  4. 200£ ??? I paid for my one less than 80£ plus shipping, and it's not a bootleg or something, it looks way better than retrotink 2x pro and way superior to retro scaler 2x

  5. My 4K Samsung TV will definitely help the adapters cheaper signal processing by doing its own upscaling and having very good colour reproduction on the dynamic setting I use

  6. Thoughts on the RetroTINK 5X-Pro? I've come to the conclusion that I'll have to buy something like this to play my old consoles. Just got to bite the bullet and splash the cash 🙁

  7. I was so focused on the Legend of Zelda NES CIB you have in the back there, signed by Shigeru Miyamoto! That’s awesome! Overall good video, you have earned a subscriber!

  8. Hello. What's the best way to play PS1 PAL, PS2 PAL, GameCube PAL and Wii PAL for the best resolution, clarity, graphics, least amount of lag, audio etc on either a old or new TV? Thanks for your time.


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