How Good is the NVIDIA Shield TV Pro at Emulation?


Besides being the ultimate Android TV box, the NVIDIA Shield TV Pro is also a powerful emulation console. Let’s look at what kind of game performance we can get out of this $200 device.

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Written guide (with suggested emulators):

** Clarification: the non-pro NVIDIA Shield TV is also limited to 32-bit apps, which means that Dolphin and Citra won’t run on that model, as well as some more recent Android games.

00:00 introduction
01:26 unboxing and impressions
02:33 comparison of NVIDIA Shield TV models
03:22 setup and orientation
06:08 RetroArch (SNES & PS1)
07:31 Arcade and Nintendo DS
09:39 Nintendo 64
11:11 Sega Saturn and Dreamcast
13:38 PSP and 3DS
15:58 Nintendo GameCube
17:17 Stadia and streaming
19:11 comparison with GT King and Mini PCs
20:45 conclusion

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  1. Anywhere to find a shield that’s already been loaded with all of these emulators and ROMs? I’m a total noob with emulators but wanna get a good retro gaming device to introduce my kids to gaming.

  2. Really hoping they come out with an updated model that has 8 GB of RAM instead of 3, and all around better support for certain codecs, acceleration, better cpu on the SoC, slightly more GPU cores, etc. We are due for a refresh already.

  3. Good day, excellent video that exists for sure that this device does not transmit videos on youtube in HDR because it does not have the compatible codec to do so, and could indicate if that information is false or true since I am about to buy one and this detail I do not like.

  4. I have 3 of these… I bought one in 2017, before amazon was available in Australia. It came with a US power pack, which i still run off a travel adapter. I bought another one later when amazon finally launched in australia, and then bought the 2019 pro when it released. Still the best box to have plugged into your tv, 6 years after I first bought one. Nice video – found it while looking for some emulation tips.

  5. This video is exactly what I was looking for. Can you please suggest an affordable DS4 gamepad clone? I know that you suggested BETOP D2E Wired Gamepad, but that looks to be designed for PS3. Is there a similar product for PS4? Thank you!

  6. I am going to hold out. I need an emulation box that would be able to run any game up to the Wii and Ps2 generation of games with 60 fps. I am in no rush to sacrifice performance. I have enough of similar android TV boxes that only run some GC games but not others etc. I just want to own one solid android box that could run well all emulation up to and including Wii and PS2.

  7. I love my Nvidia Shield Tv Pro 500gb and i bought another Pro today and i use it as a retro console i was looking on the R58X that are more powerful then the Nvidia Shield Tv but is sooo expensive so i skip it for now and wait and see what comes in the future.

  8. The shield is absolutely worth the money. It's very flexible, you can do a lot of different types of things on it. I've had mine since 2018 and never worried about the gaming aspects of it. Mostly use it for plex, streaming, movies in general…… Decided to grab a controller and take it to the next level though so I'm about to unlock its gaming potential and steam link and all kinds of great stuff.

    I still haven't even done a home security system set up on it but I have investigated how to and it would be glorious if I chose to pull that trigger. The right software for that is already in the Play Store, it's up to me when I want to add a few cameras around my property and get that going. Being in a small town there's not a huge need to do that though but perhaps one day.

    I completely disagree with the devices you claim are its main competition. It stands alone in it's category and doesn't really have good competition. All of those alternative devices are cheap Chinese boxes that are junk. Not officially supported, don't get updates, not nearly reliable long-term like The Shield is.

  9. Thanks for making this. Crazy how one of the better tv emulators can just barely manage the performance of a handheld that was released in 2001? GameCube und Xbox also feel long overdue. ????????‍♂️


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