How much?! CEX Prices on the Top 10 Wii Games- Wii Collecting 2023


CEX Prices on the Top 10 Wii Games are not that bad – Wii Collecting 2023. Check it out!

Are you an avid Wii collector? In this video, we’re going to show you the CEX prices for the top 10 Wii games! These prices aren’t that bad, and you can even collect them all! So check it out and see for yourself!
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  1. so much rip off going on in the world of retro gaming right now just great to have a channel like this that helps to seperate fact from fiction and is not just doing faulty infomercials like most other youtube channels with much more subscribers and just commercial based content, i hope you will get to 100k very fast ????????

  2. I have to admitt I prefer the adventure mode on smash bros, I to struggle with Mario galaxy 1&2, I don't know what it is, I would like it more if you could turn the controller side ways and play it old school style, it is a great looking game though, I do like new super Mario bros wii, wii fit plus is much better than regular wii fit, it has far more content, extra games, some of them are great fun, you can design your own fitness routine and it has a nutritional food guide, my game is set to a bag of crisps, and it tells you how many calories in a bag and it gives you a day to work it off. Not much point owning wii fitt when you can get the far better fit plus.

  3. 14:26 The Wii early launch models were Gamecube backwards compatible. Nintendo got rid of those models rather quickly. They now sell a little higher than the regular Wii models. So yeah not all Wii's can play Gamecube games off of a disc with original Gamecube controllers.

  4. Wii sports was great , loved Baseball on it got to high skill rateing don't remember how much but was way over 1000 I think.
    Always loved playing Bowling with family and friends and learnt eventually how to get a strike almost every time haa. Tennis was fun to remember having a mate stay over and we recked a lampshade in my house as we kept hitting it lol , as we were both so competitive for the win lol.

  5. The WII is genuinely the best value retro console you can buy today, about 6 months ago I picked up a good used console with 3 controllers + Nunchucks plus 6 games for £40, I’ve been buying for it ever since and have now started adding GameCube games to the collection, it’s just the perfect console, my daughter is 5 and she loves it, my wife is 30 and she loves it and I’m 46 and I love it, it spans all ages and there are games for everyone, dragonball z and Naruto played in Wii with classic GameCube controller, you can’t beat it..

  6. @Thegebs24, interesting video. A few thoughts: the Wii was horrible, contollers are laggy, 99% of the library is shovelware.
    I'm with you on Mario: MB3, SMW & SMW2: YI are still the crown jewels of the series.
    If you want to get to 100k quicker, widen your scope: MiSTer, Steam Deck, ROG Ally, FPGA, etc. They all have wide communities. Plus we need more female creators from the UK!
    Retro game collecting is moving past the masses due to cost and scammers, the shops, resellers, & rarity will kill it eventually, hence why these other options are vital.
    A good few of the retro collectors on YT are absolute helmets, you are not, you appear genuine and passionate, so passionate about what you do, go girl!
    I won't call people out, but, I care for community and keeping the memories, nostalgia and passion alive. I don’t care if your collecting a full set or how many are on your shelf.
    Keep being awesome and GL on your 100k target.
    P.S. please cover some FPGA content.

  7. Interesting take on the wii & a great little video, interesting fact that the top 5 games all came with the console, personally for me I just won’t play this system, I have tried but you simply can’t play games with a nun Chuck, I need my controller???? hope you get your 100K good luck????

  8. Hi Gemma, not all Wii consoles play GameCube games, those consoles that do not play GameCube games actually sell for more in CEX strangely enough because they are harder to obtain. Great video by the way, short and straight to the point.

  9. Not every Wii has the GameCube compatibility, nor the flap with the 4 GameCube controller ports. Nintendo stripped them away to make the system cheaper. So if you’re find one to buy to play GameCube games, check the system first.

  10. Hi Gem the first time I played on the Wii was in Japan at my father in law's with my son and daughter we played Wii sports and Wii fit and had lots of fun. I collect games for the Wii Wii u and GameCube and a lot of other consoles

  11. Very interesting to see what games were the biggest sellers on the Wii and not just someone's top 10 favorites! Nintendo really succeeded in selling this console to casual gamers as well as the Nintendo fans.

  12. hahahhahhaahhahhahhaahahha
    the wii was expensive at launch?
    The wii was $250 when the xbox 360 was $400 and the PS3 was $600
    Wii sports doesn't count it was a bundled game, i hate when people say this or that was the
    best selling game when it sold with the console. BUNDLED GAMES WITH THE CONSOLE DO NOT COUNT.

  13. Sega's games on the Wii are great as well and are very good value (House of the Dead: Overkill, Madworld, Ghost Squad, Nights: Journey of Dreams). Many Nintendo games like Warioware and Tetris Party Deluxe are still under five pounds. Also I like using the SNES Mini controller on the SNK Arcade Collection and Super Mario All stars. I have most of the games I want now (just a couple of point and click adventures like Broken Sword or Sam & Max)

  14. When I saw where this was going in terms of price I predicted £114 so I wasn't far off. Totally agree on Smash Bros/Mario Galaxy as well. Great video as always Gemma. By the way, keep going, mate. You most definitely will get to 100k

  15. Wii is a fantastic console and really bridged the gap for non-gamers to get involved in gaming.

    We’ve all had a family member have a go on Wii Bowling who would never usually pick up a game!

    Personally I love using my Wii for Light Gun style games.

    Ghost Squad, House of the Dead, LA Machine Guns and Conduit just to name a few of the fantastic games of that genre!

  16. perfect for dinner thank you ! ????by the way i was kind of surprised as you talked about your age here, i always thought you are in your early 30`s, i`m in my 40`s and just feel like the oldest teen in the world right now while watching your channel, just love it ???? i will repeat this comment in circles here just to help you reach 100K subs!????


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