How Princess Peach's Game Is Better Than ANY New Super Mario Bros- The Most UNDERRATED DS Game


Super Princess Peach is often overlooked. Perhaps guys like myself were a bit wary to put the game on a birthday list. But many years later, I finally got the game that has always intrigued me. I LOVE the New Super Mario Bros. games and wanted to play every Mario game. I did have Yoshi’s Island DS which I’ll likely review. Let me tell you, Super Princess Peach suprised me! .



  1. I remember when I was younger me and my sisters all got DS's and one of my sisters got super princess peach. I intially didn't give it a second glance but I guess one day I was bored or something or had nothing else to play on my ds because I ended up playing it and I remember that despite it being seemingly just a girly super mario it was a lot more fun and engaging, i liked the presentation of the worlds, the vibe abilities and Perry.

  2. Probably the first Mario game ive ever played. This game is really good and nostalgic to go back to. Too bad Nintendo never really acknowledges it because a remake would be nice.

  3. I haven't even watched the video yet but you are 10000x absolutely correct, i love this game sm
    my nana has a picture of me alseep on the couch playing this game from the day my little sibling was bored lmao

  4. Man did a great review I couldn't agree more with the critical points. The issue is they have done these games so much it's like they're running out of ideas and somewhat using the same ol same ol to stay safe. That's what it is, it's safe.

  5. With Princess Peach Showtime coming up, I wonder what is Deemech's reaction to that, seeing it has very different gameplay than SPP (more like a "genre sample" as few has said), seems to lean more on theater aspects, although seemingly still has some Peach spunk with some of her costumes (e.g. swordfigher).

  6. I'm glad I found a copy of this at a Gamestop a few years back when the cartridges were being phased out.

    Now I want a sequel with ALL the Princess (and maybe Pauline).

  7. Totally understand the fear of being seen as a sissy or whatever for asking for a game like this. Thankfully when it came out it was when I got my first job and got to buy whatever the hell I wanted whenever I wanted so I got to play this guilt and judge free lol.

  8. i got this game the year it came out and i've played it dozens of times over—it's the only game i can really say that for, as most games i can't replay too often without getting sick of them. fun fact: Super Princess Peach is the only spin-off of the Mario franchise that never received any sequels. when will nintendo remedy that!! i know the game got kinda mid reviews back in the day, but the very least they could do is try a different game with Peach as the protagonist (and potentially with the other Mario female characters as multiplayer options). i have my own nitpicks about the game, but there's nothing that i think is worse than the New Soup games.

    but you know what i am sick of regarding this game? ppl acting like the emotion mechanic is misogynistic or "wouldn't fly to today" lmfao. Peach was the only one in the whole game who ACTUALLY HAD EXPLICIT CONTROL over her emotions—all the enemies were the ones who couldn't control their emotions. if anything the game had more of an unintentional feminist note with Peach taking control of a misogynistic trope (that women are too emotional) and using it to her advantage.

  9. Thank god someone is finally talking about this game!
    I've loved it for years and it's disappointing that many games like it are buried and forgotten about.
    Wish that Nintendo weren't so stingy with their experimental stuff nowadays.

  10. Bro I remember when the game was controversial because Peach relied on her emotions to get her through stages and people were saying how it makes girls seem dependent on their feelings ???????????????????? loved the game though !!!!

  11. The commercial for this game was so fun that I had to get the game even if it meant a little bit of ridicule (I was older so I could laugh at the game but I wasn't so old that I had a few people question why I wanted this game). It is an underrated game and I'm glad to see it gets some praise. Super princess peach is the last time I enjoyed a Mario game (chronolog8cally), but the experience of playing Super princess peach was like playing Mario world when it was new

  12. I used to have a copy of super princess peach. The game is so nostalgic. I specifically remember struggling at the ghost levels. Unfortunately, I lost it in my car in like 2015 and then we got a new car and moved out of that state. I really miss it.


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