How To Add Applications and Games to Wii Using Homebrew


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In Part 2 of our Wii hacking and softmodding guide, I show you how to use the Homebrew Channel to add applications to the Wii home screen, including how to add games to the system using an SD card.

Games and applications come as WAD files, and to use them, you will need WiiModLite v 1.7:

*Please do not ask for links to game files – this is illegal, and not something you are likely to find on youtube*

Tutorial Part 1: .



  1. The part that is not very clear in general is what WAD files actually work for the Nintento Wii. I keep seeing WiiWare, Virtual Console but nothing says if they work on a Wii or NES or Genesys or Sega Master System. I am guessing WiiWare is the one?

  2. holy shit thanks man ive been trying to figure this out forever because i found a website to get games off the wii shop but had no clue how to install it so ive been using an emulator thanks so much you were a life saver

  3. I know this probably isnt the place for this, but does anyone know how to connect a wii to a new XB8 Modem? mine wont connect since I "upgraded" my router.


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