How To Download DS Roms and Emulators on PC 2020


How to Download Nintendo DS ROMs and Emulators on PC 2020 with DJ Spinda. How to get Pokemon Diamond DS Rom on Windows. How to get Pokemon Pearl DS Rom on Windows. How to get Pokemon Platinum DS Rom on Windows. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This is a complete, quick and easy tutorial on how to download DS Roms and Emulators for Windows PC by DJSpinda. A complete guide to downloading and playing DS games on your Windows PC. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ►Emulator download: / ►Pokemon Diamond: ►Pokemon Pearl: ds / pokemon- Pearl-version / 19341.html ►Pokemon Platinum: ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Be sure to join DJ Spinda Discord: Follow me on Twitter @TheDJSpinda * This video was produced for educational purposes only * ~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If you liked this video, press THUMB UP below to show your support, COMMENT below and let us know: “And as Always, this is it!” .



  1. Ty so much man, I was looking for a vid that can actually work and urs was a success. Downloaded Platinum and now gonna download more using the website. Easy download compared to others and I appreciate the help.

  2. Does anyone possibly know how to get past the stylus input for platinum on console emulators? I’m using Xbox and haven’t been able to press the pokeball to continue!

  3. For some reason I can't get past the first text section when starting up Diamond and Pearl. I'm able to get to the intro screen where it says "Hello There! It's so very nice to meet you!" but then I can't press onward deeper into the game. Anyone come across this?

  4. I have had trouble in the past getting roms and emulators working before. This surprisingly was very simple and easy. Within an hour I can now play Pokemon MMO, thankyou. This video was a huge help!!!


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