How to enable achievements with mods in Starfield

How to enable achievements with mods in Starfield

If you’re an achievement focused gamer like myself, you’ll understand the sheer joy of unlocking achievements. It becomes even more vital when playing a game as immersive as Starfield. But what if you’re using mods? Does that mean you have to sacrifice those precious achievements? Not anymore! With the Starfield Achievement Enabler, you can use mods and still bag those achievements. In this blog post, we’ll walk you through the steps on how to enable achievements with mods.

Introducing the Starfield Achievement Enabler

The Starfield Achievement Enabler is a mod that ensures you don’t miss out on any achievements, even if you’re using console commands or other mods. It sounds almost too good to be true, but with a few simple steps, you can have it up and running.

Getting Started: Preparation is Key

Before diving into the details of the setup, it’s important to back up all of your game files and save data. This precaution ensures that you can revert to the original settings if anything goes south.

Remember, game updates can affect modifications. If Starfield updates any .dll files, you’ll have to repeat these steps to keep your Starfield Achievement Enabler functioning. Thus, after each game update, reinstall the mod to stay on track with your achievements.

How to Enable Achievements with Mods for Starfield: Steam VersionHead over to the ASI Loader GitHub page and in the “Description” section, download the file named “bink2w64.dll”.Navigate to the root directory of your Starfield game (steamappcommonStarfield). Here, rename the existing “bink2w64.dll” to “bink2w64Hooked.dll”.Place the “bink2w64.dll” file you downloaded from GitHub into the Starfield root folder.Create a new folder in the root directory named “Plugins”.Download the Starfield Achievement Enabler mod and move the “starfield-achievementenabler.asi” file into the “Plugins” folder.Enjoy your modded Starfield experience without compromising on achievements!

Your folder structure should now look like:

Starfieldbink2w64.dllStarfieldbink2w64Hooked.dllStarfieldPluginsstarfield-achievementenabler.asiHow to Enable Achievements with Mods for Starfield: UWP Version

For those playing on the Windows version, there are slight variations in the process.

Visit the ASI Loader GitHub page again. Depending on your machine (most will need the x64 version), download the appropriate “dinput8.dll” file.Go to the root directory (XboxGamesStarfieldContent) and rename the “dinput8.dll” you find there to “wininet.dll”.Copy the “dinput8.dll” you downloaded earlier to the root folder.Like before, create a “Plugins” folder.Place the “starfield-achievementenabler.asi” file from the mod into the “Plugins” folder.And you’re all set!

Your folder structure for the UWP version should be:

XboxGamesStarfieldContentdinput8.dllXboxGamesStarfieldContentwininet.dllXboxGamesStarfieldContentPluginsstarfield-achievementenabler.asiCommon Issues

After following the below instructions to install the mod for your version of the game, if it doesn’t work and/or your game starts to crash on boot then please follow the below steps:

In Windows go to – Settings > Privacy and Security > Windows Security > Virus & Threat Protection > Ransomware Protection > Controlled Folder Access > Allow an app through controlled folder access > Add an allowed app > Choose Starfield

Wrapping Up

Achievements are badges of honor for gamers. Why should using mods deprive us of that joy? Thanks to the Starfield Achievement Enabler, it doesn’t have to! Follow the steps outlined above, and dive into a modded Starfield journey, all while ensuring every achievement is within reach.

Happy gaming!

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