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With all these new GC HDMI adapters on the market, it’s about time to put them to the test! In this review, we’ll compare 3 HD GameCube converters side-by-side, and find out the best way for your money’s worth to get the clearest signal from your GameCube. Thanks for watching!

Eon GCHD Adapter:


Hyperkin HD Cable:


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  1. I recently tried connecting my GameCube for a first time in years again to an HDTV with a new RGB cable. I was rather surprised in how awkward the display would be. I tested it with StarFox Assault and any sort of written text in the menu screens looked somewhat like a blended blurry mess, making it sometimes funny to actually read the letters. Is it possibly just my TV? Or would that be the case with any HDTV nowadays? I would enjoy seeing if I can find any of the solutions above in Europe as well.

  2. u could also mod a d terminal and transform and turn into a vga cable and use an amplifer or use speakers and the picture qualty is the best with a computer monitor with vga so it will look pristine

  3. Wow what a video. Entertaining yet concise and super informative. I’ve got a Wii hooked up to the HDTV now but was specifically hoping for a practical way to get the Gamecube to work so I could use the Gameboy Player. It would’ve been very easy to miss that detail and get something that wouldn’t have worked, but thankfully I watched your video. $150+ is just too much…I may have to consider other means.

  4. I wonder why when nobody talks about the viability of running gamecube games on a modded Wii U. Sure, it requires you to own a Wii U and you can't play physical discs without dumping them. But still, you can play with official gamecube controllers and its honestly a pretty good way to play your gamecube games over HDMI with really good picture quality

  5. GameCube was the console that got me back into Nintendo. I got on the Sony train in 95 and only picked up 3 games on the 64 when that released. The RE remake and Luigi’Mansion solidified me getting a GameCube.


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