How to Install Games on a Modded Nintendo Switch (TinFoil)


In this video I show you how you can install any switch games to your Nintendo Switch, all the links in the description update directly from the creator.


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Song credits: Qumu – The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening – Sword Search

00:00 – Intro
00:19 – Preparation
00:45 – Download Tinfoil/Nut
01:16 – Installing Tinfoil on SD
01:57 – Install Tinfoil Driver on Computer
02:09 – Opening Nut
02:29 – Inject Nintendo Switch
02:55 – Installing Tinfoil on Switch
03:49 – Nut Detected Switch
04:05 – Setting up Nut
05:09 – Installing games on Tinfoil
06:07 – Testing game
06:27 – Outro

#Mod #Nintendo #Switch #JailBreak #SuperSmashBros #SSBU #Homebrew .



  1. hey man i need some help everytime i try and run the tinfoil installer it says a server communication error has occured do you know how to fix this if so that would really help

  2. for me the installation goes really slow(2mb/s) but interestingly enough at the start of the install it goes with 25mb/s , but after like 10 seconds it goes to a constant 2/3 mb/s. Any clue why?

  3. Great video thx. So, is it ok to create a Nintendo account for save files? Will Nintendo detect this? Also are you saying do not play online game like SPLATOON or SMASH BROs (can we play the non online portions of these games like Single player campaigns?). Thx again I have an old 2017 first month switch that will become my dedicated mod Switch!

  4. Thank you sir. This was very helpful. However I have some issues with using to install a couple of games. When I select it, nothing happens, tinfoil just freezes. I can close Tinfoil and go in again, but it does the exact same thing when I try to install again.
    Another thing I did – In tinfoil, I go into the "new games" menu and try to install the 2 games, it just goes into the "installing" screen, but doesn't do anything ie. no transfer (0.0MB/s).


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