How to install Wads on the Wii


Todays video may be one of my last Wii tutorials until I think of something new to do with the Wii but I have some big projects planned for the future!
So in todays Wii tutorial ill be showing you how to install WADS which are basically shortcuts to your games and some applications.

Let me know down in the comments what you would like to see me cover next or if you run into any problems with this

#Homebrew #Wads

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How to use the CIOS installer:

How to backup your NAND:

Yet Another Wad Manager:

Music Credits go to Game Chops and Karl Casey from White Bat Audio check them out here

Game Chops Super LoFi World:

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  1. Does this work with transferring wii shop channel retro games such as snes and n64 games to the wii? As a long time ago, I bought my retro games from the Wii shop channel from my wii before I decided to transfer all that data over to the wii u with the wii transfer tool, but now I use my wii more often as it is homebrewed and I no longer use my wii U anymore, so I want to reverse that trasnfer I made years ago and transfer my retro games back to the wii. Let me know if it works with this method or I would need to do something else in order to make it work, and if this would conflict with some retro games I bought from the wii shop channel on the wii.


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