How to play DS games online after Nintendo WFC Shutdown! No hacks or mods required! (Wiimmfi)


DNS server: Hi guys! Thanks to a new bug in Nintendo’s implementation of SSL (called “nds-constraint”) as discovered by shutterbug2000, it is now possible to play Nintendo DS games online through a custom server (Wiimmfi in this case) without modifying your DS, nor needing a cheat device or a flashcart! Literally the only instruction is to enter the DNS listed above in your connection settings, and you are good to go! This video shows how to configure the DNS server in your connection settings and also explains how to create your own unsecured WiFi hotspot via Android phone, just in case it is useful because unfortunately the highest form of security DS support is WEP (only Pokémon Black / White and their suites support WPA connections), and no one really works in WEP anymore. I also demonstrate the connection to Mario Kart DS, Pokémon Diamond GTS and Pokémon Black 2 Fight Videos section. IMPORTANT INFORMATION AND TROUBLESHOOTING: – If you try to use Mario Kart DS and your game crashes when connection, delete all friends. from your friends list (you can do this in the Records section!) – If you get the error code 60000, delete your Nintendo WFC setup in the options menu. You will then be prompted to overwrite your FC the next time you log in, and it will work. – If you get another error code, you can search for it at – If you are unable to establish a connection on your DS, get an old router that supports encryption WEP or lower, or try my Android tip later in the video. It might work if you have a phone capable of it. – If you can’t find opponents when using the Android trick, well … yes. Pretty much what I feared. Here are some useful links that might be of interest to people: Wiimmfi Supported Games (and which are online): GTS Classic Pokémon: / – Really cool because you can see every Pokemon for trade! How to get Wiimmfi on a Wii: Wiimmfi Forums: And if anyone is wondering how this all works, Nintendo’s SSL implementation on all DS games is completely flawed. When connecting to a server, the DS wants to see if the site’s certificate is signed by Nintendo. No custom server in the world has a certificate like this … Fortunately for us, each Wii console has its own certificate, signed by Nintendo, which is capable of signing other certificates on behalf of Nintendo (completely invalid, of course). The DS, however, sees this as perfectly logical and therefore accepts the connection. Therefore, all we need is a custom DNS that lies to the owner of Nintendo WiFi Connection, then their server just needs to show their Wii signed certificate and the DS is happy. Stupid bug, but very useful. Interestingly, despite the bug that existed in every DS game, including those released in 2012, long after the Wii was released, the Wii did NOT have this bug. The DNS server is hosted by the guys from RiiConnect24! Special thanks to the Kaeru team for the proxy service used during connections! Thanks for watching everyone and I hope to see you all soon! .



  1. Wiimmfi access getting easier and easier… this is excellent, hahah!

    IMPORTANT NOTE: If anyone is experiencing crashes when connecting on Mario Kart DS, delete all of your registered friends (from the Records section). That will fix it!

    Also, Pokémon have got random Mystery Gifts running, so you can pick up some of the old event Pokémon from back in the day! Check it out! (Though I would argue against using these Pokémon in the later generations online. That's not really fair to people since these are custom servers, and the Pokémon you receive aren't official).

  2. Whenever I go to system settings and click on connection 1 and then the router, it tells me it can’t connect and tells me to use advanced setup (and that works cause I can connect it to connection 4) but I can’t use connection 4 on Wiimmifi

  3. I’ve recently been trying to get my old DS games connected to Wiimmfi and am happy that I found this tutorial. I’ve followed the steps shown here, but unfortunately, I’ve been presented the error code 52000 each time. I’m assuming the WEP key I typed in was wrong, but I don’t know what my router’s WEP key exactly since my family and I have different stuff in the house to connect to. Is there a way for me to check what my internet’s WEP key is online without wasting too much time rummaging through stuff? Again, I’m happy this tutorial is here and usable anytime and will try what I can. From the video, there are certain ways I can’t use, like the smart phone trick for example. And yes, I’ve watched the video, but maybe I’ve missed some stuff?
    Manually putting in the WiFi settings now has me at 52100 as the error code. I think that one’s for the DNS I need to fix, but I’ll double check.

  4. This is the only and final solution! This video ended my 2 year quest for an Alakazan. You sir is a blessed human being… it's fair to say I kinda love you… many thanks

  5. Hey, if you have a DSi, you can go into system settings and choose internet , then advanced settings to be able to use more networks. It won't be able to connect to wifi on cartridge games, but flipnote studio will work

  6. It keeps saying these settings are invalid when I’m trying to set up a connection on Mario kart ds. I have already set up a connection that tested successfully in settings in home menu. But for some reason it’s not letting me connect in Mario kart ds settings I have tried all 7 of my dsi and 2DS.


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