How to Play Nintendo DS games on your NES and SNES Classic (Tutorial)


Show your thanks to the developer! DraStic has arrived at the classics and it’s amazing! For games that work with this emulator, they work just fine. It’s time to catch up on those DS games you missed on the big screen! Many thanks to Exophase, Madmonkey and DanTheMan! Hakchi CE All your SNES Classic Hack Tutorial Needs! Become a patron! Join my Discord! Twitter: @PattonPlays Gmail: Facebook:



  1. Hello, Hi, thanks for the guides on snesmini and nes classic mini, I always follow you.

    I have a question, from nes mini I use a wireless 8 dress, I start the Nintendo Ds game, everything starts but I can no longer access the drastic menu with any key combination … before I could and I don't understand why. I also deleted the config file but nothing, the game starts but does not accept anything

    Following your guide in theory the dpad and the analog should go but nothing goes nothing.

    Please could you give me a command screen or a file where the controls are already mapped

    i use hackhi 3.9.1

  2. After installing Super Mario World, everything works nicely except I can't access the bottom screen when I collect a power-up item from one of the mushroom houses. Is there a way to configure the controllers so that clicking two keys in unison simulates a touch of the bottom screen?

  3. Hi patton,
    Today i was testing some ds games on mini snes and at some point I had a few problems as i was testing..
    A frozen screen blackout and the second Everything got blue..
    The only thing I did was testing the 3d option but on the main menu when idle the system gave me c8 error.
    I'm using the console with a usb on and a good power supply.
    Should I get a better usb,or try to overclock it?
    Thank you in advance.

  4. So is there a way switch the screen just by pressing a button of the controller when playing Nintendo DS games with the SNES Classic in a single fullscreen mode?
    Sounds really stupid that you have to have a second controller for that.

  5. Hey awesome. I had a English Translation of Retro Game Challenge 2 this thing is great for saving. I have a cartridge for the DS but it doesn't save because it's a bootleg that only plays on the Fat DS and DS Lite. The ACE3DS Plus saves but this will be a blast on TV with the NES Classic.

  6. How do you manage to play mario kart ds fullscreen?
    When I go into the drastic menu and set it to fullscreen I get the map on full screen but not the actual track with my driver 🙁


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