How to play Wii Games on PC Guide (Dolphin Emulator)


In this video, I demonstrate how to play Wii games on PC via Dolphin Emulator. I use an Xbox controller but you can use a Playstation controller or keyboard and mouse if you want to. I might make a video on how to play Wii games with a keyboard and mouse when I figure it out. Thanks for Watching! Hope you enjoyed the video. If you did, leave a like and subscribe to the channel. Feel free to leave a comment about the video as well! I’m on the grind and would really appreciate it. Peace!

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  1. It keeps saying entry point not found when I click on Dolphin.exe is there any fix to this? I also had trouble dragging the file into my homescreen of the computer. Instead, when I drag my downloaded dolphin emulator the dolphin emulator toolbox icon shows up instead of a paper icon

  2. it wont let me launch the game because it pops up warning and it says the graphics card is forcibly enabling anti aliasing and then i enable it and i try again and nothing works


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