How to play Wii U games from your HDD! | WUDD


Hey everyone! in todays video I’ll be showing you all how to backup and play your Wii u games from a USB thumb drive or an HDD. This video will be utilizing the app WUDD because the original Disc2app no longer works for consoles that are either newly modded or have updated tiramisu in the past couple of months but the process is still easy as ever!

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Easy store drive that I’m using:

Y splitter cable :

Wii U Homebrew App store: .



  1. So I need an answer to this question I have. Ok so I believe I have some games on my SD card and some on my USB thumb drive. Can I delete the game files in the install folder on the sd card? Or will I lose those games?

  2. great videos. One question I downloaded Mario Kart 64 on NUSspli and when I close the game it does the infinity load on Wii U Menu. I dont seem to have this problem with Wii U game file and WUP installer. I installed Legend Of Zelda Wind Waker this way and when closed returns to Wii U menu like normal.

  3. Great video! Works a treat save for the blank screen after the install. Anyway a query from me, is there a way to install the backups to the SDcard? I'm finding HDDs/SSDs that work on the Wii don't work on the WiiU, I might have to invest in that Y splitter cable.

  4. Pretty awesome! For the Wii U games to the HDD, I could do that but I don't have ANY Wii U physical copy so I may just have to wait til I get some Wii U games physically or install them the same way I installed the Wii games.


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