HOW TO PLAY Your Nintendo DS on the TV Using Just The HEADPHONE JACK!


// Support me on PATREON: ► // JOIN me on DISCORD! ► On today’s episode of Retro Renew, we’re going to take a look at a mod that lets you play your Nintendo DS on the TV via the headphone jack! This mod used the discovery made by the “Lost Nintendo History” group. This discovery revealed a secret feature of DS hardware that, when enabled, allows you to output composite video to an external monitor. Lost Nintendo History created a specialized prototype PCB to exploit this feature of the DS, but it was bulky and resided outside of the console, which was fine as a proof of concept. The Rhotronix company iterated and improved the Lost Nintendo History design to make the PCB. more compact and uses the headphone jack as a conduit for video output. So is this mod the definitive mod for the Nintendo DS? Let’s find out! ► Here is what you will find in this video: ► 0:00 Intro ► 0:21 Presentation of the module ► 3:05 Parts of the Rhotronix kit and other necessary elements ► 4:38 Tutorial of the module ► 12:30 Features ► 14: 05 Advantages and Disadvantages ► 15:55 Conclusion —– // Elements of the video: ► Rhotronix website: ► Rhotronix Twitter: lang=en ► Nintendo Github Lost History: ► DREMEL I use (affiliate link): ► DREMEL Routing Bit (affiliate link): https://amzn. to/3BdWic5 —– // SAVE MONEY at these retro modding shops! (Affiliate links below): ► SAVE 10% using COUPON CODE: TITO on any purchase at RETRO GAME REPAIR SHOP here: ► SAVE 5% using COUPON CODE : MACHONACHO on any buy from RETRO MODDING here: // TOOLS AND EQUIPMENT I use for modding video game consoles (soldering equipment, flux, Kapton tape, etc .) (affiliate link): ►SRA Flux Pen: ttps:// ►PCB Holder – ►28 AWG Wire: https://amzn .to/2Ni1V22 ►Wire Stripper/Cutter: ►Silicone Mat for soldering: ►Kapton Tape: ►iFixit Toolkit I use for all my projects: – Everything you need! ►Hakko FR-301 Desoldering Gun: ►Great Sony PSP IPS Screen Replacement: ►Neo Geo IPS Retro Pixel Kit: https://ebay .us/1qCM0Y ►Game Boy Color Q5 IPS Backlight with OSD: https://ebay. us/uuBWar ►WonderSwan Color IPS Kit: —– // MY VIDEO and AUDIO gear (Amazon affiliate links): -Sony A6500 camera – 39FSxQa -My absolute favorite lens – -Zoom H4N audio recorder – -Aston Origin microphone – -Atomos Ninja V Recorder external – —– // These stores have fantastic gear and mods for retro consoles! If you use the following links below, I received a small percentage of sales at no cost to you. It’s a great free way to support the channel! ○ Retro Game Repair Shor (tons of Game Boy mods) ► ○ Retro Modding (lots of handheld mods) ► ○ Stone Age Gamer (Flash Carts and other great retro tech) ► ○ eBay (used retro gaming gear and more. This is where I buy a lot of consoles that I modify !) ► ○ Sendico (proxy service for bidding on Japanese auctions. I use Sendico to get great deals on retro consoles direct from Japan!) ► https://www.sendico .com/register/2d5a5cf98826c580535586c73fce0a03e4c6f513 —– / / Social networks ► Instagram: ► Facebook: ► Twitter: https:/ / —– / / Email Address Macho Nacho Productions PO Box 4245 Alexandria, VA 22303 —– // Intro Music for Matthew McCheskey’s Retro Renew series: ► —– Full disclosure, I get a small percentage of every sale that uses an affiliate link or coupon code. This is a great way to help SUPPORT my channel at no cost to you so I can keep making these videos for all of you, everyone wins! And as always, thank you for your continued support of my channel! #NintendoDS #Nintendo #MachoNachoProductions .



  1. Bro really put DS instead of DS lite. You know how many DS’s in the family there are? DS, DS lite, dsi, dsi xl, 3ds, 2ds, 3ds xl, new 2ds xl, new 3ds xl, and the 3ds xl. Seriously be more specific

  2. Losing stereo output on the DS of all systems (which when set to “Surround” sounds pretty wide imo) just doesn’t sit well with me at all. I think this mod would’ve worked much better if the video output was routed to the mic port right next to the headphone jack. Considering a lot of people didn’t even know what it was, I’m guessing it wasn’t used that much anyways. Not to mention, the extra pins could allow it to output a higher quality connection, like S-Video, or YPbPr, or possibly dual video out, one for each screen.
    Edit: If it would in fact support a YPbPr connection, maybe it could even output 480p to display both screens at once.

  3. Just finished this mod myself and it was definitely the most difficult mod I have ever done. Although mine is generating a lot of heat on the PCB for the TV out I noticed. Or well could smell after a while. I have an idea what it could be but I'm gonna disassemble it again and try to see what the problem is.

  4. My biggest issue is simply I would love to create a Consolizable DS..but at 70+ dollars I'd at l e a s t wish the console output COMPONENT video. I mean yeah it's a pipe dream I'm sure and as of now there's no feasible way of GETTING a component signal from the DS just, it'd be nice to know there's no risk of spending a lot of money when a future upgrade basically makes this iteration somewhat pointless unless you're someone with a CRT or doesn't mind the visual noise of composite signals.

  5. i don't know how effective it would be, but since you are only routing the button presses it shouldn't be much of a problem, how about you use some enameled wire to route the buttons? its super thin

  6. looks good but i always get discouraged by your videos since everything should be bought from someone else, there's nothing you can do on your own

    and buying from other countries is not a good deal with shipping cost and currency differences


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