How to Spot a Fake DS Game


I show you some differences between real and fake DS games. Note that there are many different knockoffs that all look different, but if you see any of these differences in a game you’re looking to buy, then look elsewhere. Don’t get fooled on Ebay or even Gamestop. ALWAYS ask to see the basket and use discretion. Follow me on Twitter @The_Lexicon Listen to the Game Time Report podcast ep. 3:… .



  1. My Pokémon soulsilver game passes all the points in the video but for some reason when I try to play the coin game at the game corner it doesn't load and stays black and alot of people say that means the game is fake but it passes every point so I don't see how it could be

  2. The XXXX in NTR-XXXX-USA on the front needs to be the same as the first 4 characters on the back too. The Pokémon Diamond cart in the video has NTR-AL2P-USA on the front, but SEO1 on the back.

  3. Looking at the fake Diamond cartridge and comparing it to my copy that I've had since the game originally came out, Dialga's not on the cartridge.

    Is that something that was changed on later copies? Or is that just another mistake the person bootlegging it made? Generally just curious.

  4. I just bought a Pokemon Black 2 off eBay and it might be a fake. It doesn't work on 2 of the DS's I tried it on but it does work on a 3DS. Does that seem weird? Also is it a tell if it's fake when the letters and numbers are off center on the back in the grooves?

  5. Thanks, I was double checking a Pokémon Platinum cartridge I bought to make sure it was authentic. Passes all the points in this video, I’m really happy with my purchase now.

  6. great video, still helpful years 8 years later. maybe even more so as DS games are getting more and more collected. thanks to youtube algorithm overlord to recommend this. brought a bunch of DS games recently and all legit.

  7. I got a fake Mario kart DS cartridge once. It had the proper lettering on the pins but I could tell it was a fake because the printing on the box and sticker was poor. Speaking of the sticker, the DS logo was off-centre. Also my copy was supposed to be the european model (had the pegi rating and CE mark) but it came with the US manuals and contact details

  8. I’m amazed I’ve never thought of the idea of a fake ds game being sold on sites like EBay. I purchased a copy of Pokémon Diamond awhile back for only 7 dollars with the box and manual and everything and just checked if it was a fake not even considering the idea it could be for such an insane price, luckily it is and I have you to thank for helping me confirm!

  9. I just recently bought a diamond game at the flea Market for 40 bucks full box and all with manual not sure if I got a great deal or if I got ripped off but if anyone has their opinion of it I uploaded a video on my channel showing It off, cause it looks good to me

  10. Just out of curiosity, do these fakes work just fine though? I know it sucks it's not 100% legit original copy but if it works and you just want to play the game I probably wouldn't mind too much if it's a discontinued game I really want to play lol. Any thoughts anyone?

  11. that guy knew it was a fake he did not know people trade in fake games too game stop all the time lol . he just said it too not get in trouble with ya at game stop at gamestop ya have sooooooooo many fake ds games it is crazy

  12. Thanks for this I just brought a pokemon pearl off of ebay and I'm just praying for it not to be fake I don't know why I didn't decide to check if it was real before God I feel like such an idiot right know thanks man when it arrives I'm definitely gonna check if it's authentic ????????????


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