How to Stream PC Games to a Smart TV!


This guide shows 2 of the different ways to cast your Windows PC to your Smart TV for remote gaming! If you ever need help or want a place to hang out, consider joining my Discord! For more gaming content, you can find me on Twitch!



  1. Just wanted to share that I've using Steam Link on a Samsung TV (not a particularly new or beefy one) and it works great. I'm using cables for everything and the delay for your input to be shown on the tv is about 10-20ms which is completely unnoticeable, and there's 0% frame loss. Image looks perfect in my opinion

    But I also found that you have to limit the resolution to about 1080p or the tv can't handle the incoming traffic. And another issue is that the tv seems to be really picky about controllers. It will not work with a lot of models even though the connection menu says it should accept any Xinput controller. Some officially licensed Xbox controllers won't work, for exemple, even wired ones. My GameSir G7 doesn't even turn it's lights on, much less be able to control anything, but my Xbox 360 wired controller works perfectly. Worth looking into it if you're thinking of buying one for this use case

  2. wow I didn't knew that I can use my Xbox Controller still on PC while playing it via Steam Link.. previously I always unpair my controller and pair it via bluetooth to Android TV, then I use Steam Link (on Android TV), this has a downside which is the vibrating motors are not working, that's a bummer for me. But the advantages is it can reach Android TV more closely, so the bluetooth delay is minimal.

  3. Thank you very much!!! Dude, you helped a lot!

    I spent some time in search myself and finally found your video, it's a huge relief!

    Really, I was able to set up built-in Chrome and it was laggy and UNUSABLE, just shitty experience, even though it's the same network and 100 Mbit/s.
    With this app it's another story!

  4. To whomever is contemplating buying a Samsung TV specifically because of the steam link app like I did, there are many drawbacks depending on your setup.
    If your TV and PC are in separate rooms, for example like mine are (25m) apart, there are a number of drawbacks if you want to enjoy your games from the couch.

    1. Any controller besides the xbox 360 one is not supported wirelessly, which defeats the purpose of going for a couch setup in my case at least, as I haven't owned one for a while now.

    2. Even if you do have the Xbox wireless adapter, the tv will not use it to pair the controller. What does this mean? You can only pair via Bluetooth and you are limited to one controller only. Again, defeating the purpose of playing in your living room with friends.

    So far, I have not been able to find a good enough solution and the purchase I've made hasn't been justifien imo ????

    Please check online after reading this comment as what I've written might change in the future.

  5. My PC is built-in another room and trying to use a Steam Link device. Adding non-steam games is blocked by permissions, current TV doesn't support Steamlink or Moonlight…any suggestions?

  6. Sadly the Steamlink app isn't available anymore starting with model year 2022 Samsung TVs. 🙁

    Gotta find another solution now.

    tested with the Samsung Q60BA 55", smaller or larger models should be the same.


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