I Bought a FAKE Nintendo Wii Motion Plus Controller


The Nintendo Wii was a system that I really enjoyed. I own a lot of Wii games, and have fond memories of the system. While working on a Wii Dual review, which is an HDMI modded Wii, I realized something. I have no idea where my Wiimote controllers are. So being the weirdo that I am, I bought a knockoff Wiimote. How is it? Let’s see!

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  1. One thing to mention about bootleg wii controllers. Even though they might be great for gameplay, they are utterly useless for homebrew apps. It's impossible to navigate with them in the apps.

  2. ffs, trying to find imitation controllers right now and stumbled upon this video. I'm in the exact situation, had a bunch of controllers, I had 2 wiis and a wii u (still have the consoles), but all i'm left with is one black wii plus controller and a white nunchuck.

  3. I bought one just like this about a year ago to have a spare and it completely drained 2 new Energizer batteries overnight while I wasn't using it,I just sold the controller and kept the nunchuck.

  4. You got my same Wii-mote + Nunchuk fake combo… I would like to know if you are having some big problems with motion controls in games like Ju-On: Rancore and Cursed Mountain… Everytime I have to shake the Wii-mote + Nunchuk very strong and fast, the games doesn't accept the command and I lose everytime… Have you already tried these games? Is It a motion plus problem???

  5. I had the same issue. Dug out the Wii from the attic. I bought some off Amazon. They look identical. They feel good. Only problem is it seems like the cursor moves way too fast even on the slowest setting which is a bummer because I bought them to play our old rail shooter games on the big screen.

  6. Just to share my experience with people who has interest. i bought and received one just before 2022 new year. I am not sure how different under the hood mine compares. But from the footage i presume some of the issue i have is also in the one presented in the video. Overall the connectivity is perfect, connects directly to wii when prompting the connect interface. Buttons are fine as well. The biggest issue i have with it is the sensor quality. I bought one so we can have an extra player playing along. When compared to the original wiimote though the differences become staggering.

    1. the aim is choppy, when my cursor run across the screen it skips frames
    2. the cone angle of the ir receiver seems to be smaller (small turn moves cursor a larger distance than the original wiimote)
    3. may be related to 2. when pressing B to shoot you notice significant jitter to the cursor (also present in the video)
    4. accelerometer sensor is less sensitive (ironic since the "Motion Plus" printed on the controller lol, games that require shake to reload will break your arm)

    so overall if you plan to use this for shooting/motion control games you might experience a lot of frustrations. Also a big factor that make the above points especially noticeable is when you have a genuine nintendo wiimote to compare them side by side. If the last time you used the original wiimote was a long while ago then this controller may still appear to you as adequate, that is my guess. I hope this helps, gaming should be fun, dont a controller ruin it ;D

  7. I feel like third party controllers should be fine now because the Wii is such old technology and if you spend decent amount of money on one. I’d should work like the one you received

  8. I'm happy to announce that the plastic of this controller is 1 o 1 molded from the original on the inside. Meaning you can transfer its guts to an original wiimote. I ordered an indigoish colored one and transfered it to a luigi wiimote. The speaker is in fact smaller and soldered to the board, however you can use your original wiimote speaker and it becomes louder. Notice that you do need to desolder 2 points for that specific upgrade. Happy Frankenstaining guys!


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