I Bought Over 200 Nintendo DS Games On Amazon For $30!


Get yours here: https://amzn.to/43LmAkB

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  1. I have this same cart added and deleted ds games, added emulators to play GB, GBC, and GBA games I got it for $15 two years ago it’s really worth it! I will recommend upgrading the sd card to at least a 32 gb one I think that’s more than enough I have over 300 games and still have space.

  2. Been having one for years works great for me at least gor what i it for main thing i was worried about was it having a time bomb after a certain date it would wipe but three years later still going good

  3. I have one of these. It came with a 2GB mini SD card which I swapped out for a 32GB – that holds pretty much every DS game worth playing. One thing to note (on the DSi at least) is you need the memory card formatted to FAT32, so 32gb is the largest you can have – that seems to be a general rule with whichever slot you have your memory card in.

  4. I bought one at my local disk replay. Quick question: Did you come with cheats installed? Because mine was pre-owned, and I didn't realize it came with cheats. But from what I looked up, some sources say it comes with cheats while others say you have to install cheats yourself.

  5. I was always so worried if I bought a cartridge like this it would mess up my system over time or only like 3/4ths of the game would be on there and it would realise it wasn't original and freeze my progress like the illegal game copy things used to do like make it where it loops gameplay or doesn't allow saves

  6. I chose to sell all my old games once I became a dad and needed the extra cash and extra room. But I’m looking into ways to get back all those games for cheap and that won’t take up space.


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