ILL Gameplay Trailer 4K (New FPS Horror Game 2023)


ILL Gameplay Trailer 4K (New FPS Horror Game 2023) Here is all the gameplay/concept footage from ILL including the gameplay trailer we received today from GameRadar’s Future Game Show 2022. Team Clouts Socials: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: .



  1. Here is every piece of footage that was released so far for ILL, including the small gameplay trailer that was released today. Keep in mind the first minute and twenty seconds is actual in-game footage of ILL, the rest is concept footage.

  2. I have no doubt this'll be bonkers, and I'll be awaiting my time to experience it. But why, oh why, does something this horrendous and good need to be an FPS? Unless I'm unaware that the team making ILL was never intending it to be just a straight horror game, the FPS aspect really dampens the overall feel for this.

  3. I hope the movement goes for a slowed down Metro Exodus sort of vibe. I enjoyed the clunkiness of that game. For the duration, and because of the design, I truly lived in that world. Give me that feeling but with horror, and we shall have perfection.

  4. This looks more like a cinematic teaser than a game. To be honest, when i first saw ILL i thought it was something to do with RE franchise or some bootleg of it, i still think this is just an idea that used the hype for RE Village to promote herself and got too far, just look for the font on the ILL and the style of it, its clearly reesembles vILLage, and was arround the same time that Village showed up. Not that i want to be skeptical about it, but just seems we'll get another Abandoned, hope i'am wrong.

  5. People believe this is actual gameplay? lmao. This shit is so pre rendered it's painful to watch knowing they're trying to pass this off as gameplay. Just by this deceptive marketing tactic alone I already know this game is going to turn out to be pure sh*t. Setting themselves up for a huge fall doing this.


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