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Have you ever wanted to plan your own wedding? Well, the DS Imagine Wedding Designer game lets you do just that! But without any statistical guarantee that it will be a happy marriage. Are we sure this is just a game and not an omen simulation? If you missed my New Game Plus episode on The Bachelor, watch it here! Subscribe: NEW and exclusive content when you support Our Patreon: WE GOT MERCH! Curious about New Game Plus and the removal of previous Completionist episodes? The answers are in my update video: The Imagine series is made by Ubisoft and for some reason it has over 50 TITLES! Where you can explore, I mean IMAGINE YOURSELF in any life or career or random mishmash of words they put together like a title. We have figure skater, model and of course: Party Babies. Let’s see how this romantic Nintendo DS game unfolds in this episode of New Game Plus. Let me know what you thought of my Imagine Wedding Designer review! Also let me know what other games I should complete for New Game Plus! Watch us on Twitch: Find us on Reddit: Follow us on Twitter: Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Instagram: The Completionist Theme by Elite Ferrex – Watch more game reviews and of New Game Plus episodes like my Imagine Wedding Designer review on my channel below! | The Completer #Wedding #Nintendo #Gaming .



  1. Some of the Imagine games are really great but most aren't. It's unfortunate that you had to experience this one ? The worse Imagine game to ever exist in my opinion is Movie Star….

  2. I used to steal this game from my older sister as a really young kid and would play it non stop. Non stop. Not even regularly no, id just sit and play the free play mode over and over. So much so that i broke the cartridge some how and it stopped working. I was so sad my mam bought me another copy, and soon enough the same thing happened and that one fucking broke too. Dont ask me why i loved this shit idk myself

  3. There are other great imagine games like Imagine Teacher or Imagine Boutique Owner and Imagine Babyz I'm trying to play all of them and my current endeavor is Imaging Wedding Designer

  4. Gotta admit, Imagine wasn't a great series due to it's hardcore trash games thrown into the mix with no quality control but Imagine Master chef was a heartwarming amazing hidden gem that I highly recommend. It is a Japanese cooking game simmilar to cooking mama and it featured this adorable little girl on a quest to learn how to cook for her father who is returning from a long business trip in a week and during the time learning, you, as the little girl, meet a famous gourmet called Rachel who comes to her house to give you lessons while your stuffed animals mysteriously come to life during the time of learning as a side plot. It is absolutely adorable, heartwarming, wholesome and kinda educational as well. And where many imagine games failed in putting out the lowest quality trash possible, Imagine Masterchef really put heart and soul into the game to make a hidden gem of a game. So if you ever want to play a cooking mama esque game that's also kind of a visual novel as well that is just super adorable and may even bring you to tears in it's finale, check it out. It is really worth it and super fun! It may not have 100 recipes (more like 40 – 50 if u count side dishes) but it is genuinely fun and entertaining. I played it as a kid with my best friend on vacation and I just recently got it for my adult self for a few bucks on amazon (used cause ubisoft is not great.) and am currently replaying it on my 3DS. It's so much fun and therapeutic in a way too!

  5. Who wants a groom in their wedding? I know it's pointless to complain about this because it's an intendo and it's an old game but seriously no brides? I know a lot of people are against the gays but I thought the lesbians were okay why can't we have a dream wedding lol

  6. Wait what was the racist part? He called the game racist but only mentioned that you can select nationalities and customize skin color, neither of which are racist at all. So what was he talking about? What did he leave out?

  7. Bride:I Demand You Fully Build,&,Design my New House For After we Get Back From Our Honeymoon
    me Pulling my Hair Out From The Insanity:What?But,I Was Only Hired to Plan Your Wedding,Why Did I Have to Give The Groom a Full Blown Makeover?Why do I Need to Make Your House?You’re The All Time Worst Bridezilla I’ve Ever Worked For
    Bride Sticking Her Nose so Far up in The Air That Birds Start Flying in,&,Walking Away With Her Hands on Her Hips:Hmph
    me Getting in The Fetal Position on The Floor,&,Rocking,Whispering to Myself Repeatedly:What Did I do to Deserve This?

  8. if I’m in The Mood to Design Anything,I’ll Usually Play Sims,I Mean When You Think About it Sims is All About Designing,You Design What Your Sims Look Like,You Design What The Outside of Your House Looks Like,&,You Design What The Inside of Your House Looks Like,&,I go All Out


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