Indie Game Roundup – September 2023

Indie Game Roundup – September 2023

The best indie games coming in September are going to gently ease you into the Autumnal months and into a warm embrace. Summer is setting now, if you actually had one this year, and sure, it’s unseasonably warm basically everywhere in the world right now, but why worry about that when you could be ignoring everything around you in favour of playing some games? 

Sure, some people would call that escapism, but maybe those people own rocket ships and can go to other planets if things get worse. Anyway, games are good, and the best September indie games are going to be great. Here we’ve got seven different games to check out, and you’ll be able to find something to look forward to here for sure. 

A good game doesn’t always have to involve loads of action. A lot of truly excellent games are about puzzles and exploration, maybe some cool mini-games. That’s what’s going on here with Dreamers, which promises to take you on an emotional journey about friendship and personal growth. You’ll get to meet loads of interesting NPCs, explore some beautiful places, and have some fun in mini-games too. 

Next, we have Chants of Sennaar, which actually has a demo if you want to try it out without paying. Chant of Sennaar has you playing as a traveller who stumbles across the Peoples of the Tower, very heavily inspired by the myth of Babel, and your role is to try and reunite them all. You’ll need to use your head to do this though, as there are plenty of mysteries to uncover and solve, and the art style is stunning. 

You’ve probably heard of Lies of P because this new Soulslike game turns Pinocchio into a Twink and then covers the whole thing in a layer of Bloodborne, the likes of which PC players have never seen before. The game looks amazing, undoubtedly, with slick action, some cool weapon creation ideas, and a unique lie mechanic that’ll test Pinocchio’s integrity. We’re just hoping that last feature really shines, because it could make for a truly unique Soulslike if so. 

Witchfire has one of the wildest sentences we’ve seen on a store page; it reads “from the creators of Painkiller, Bulletstorm, and The Vanishing of Ethan Carter.” It’s just a strange mix of games, and one of them seemingly doesn’t belong there. Despite that, it’s all there, and we can’t help but be interested in this new roguelite shooter as a result. It’s actually only hitting Early Access this month, but watch the trailer for it, and we reckon you’ll be all-in, just like we are. 

Party Animals has you and your friends becoming animals, and then throwing down against each other. It’s clearly very silly, and has more than a touch of Gang Beasts within it. The world needs more games like Gang Beasts, so we’re very glad to see this one coming up, especially as it seems to add a few more weapons and modes to the over-the-top floppy physics. Also the pig looks punk, and how can you not love that? 

We’re pretty sure everyone owns a copy of PayDay 2, even if they’ve not played it. Seriously it’s hard to imagine a situation where someone doesn’t because the game is ubiquitous. Naturally then, the sequel to that game is going to be a big deal, and with the heavily-upgraded graphics, a host of new abilities, and a generally slicker feel, PayDay 3 looks like it’ll be an absolute blast to jump into. Just make sure you can actually trust your friends to be competent, because they’re going to get you all killed otherwise. 

indie games september 2023 - fortune's run

Fortune’s Run looks awesome. We mean that in terms of visuals and gameplay elements. This first-person shooter lets you punch and kick if you want to, interact with the world to pull off awesome environmental kills, hack things, sneak, and just generally get all into the immersive sim side of things. It also looks like it’s a game from the 90s in the best possible way, and it even has a demo if you prefer to check things out before getting stuck in. 

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