Introducing Cryptogamez– A New Daap Integrating the Gaming and Prediction Markets


A new decentralized gaming solution is launching on Ethereum, Tron, and Binance Smart Chains. The digital gaming platform will integrate gaming and prediction markets to give gamers and digital token users a new experience. The platform that is launching in the fourth quarter of 2021 will enable users to try their luck at making calls on sporting events, digital asset markets, and other forms of entertainment.

The project features a comprehensive yet intuitive end-user platform. It will track cryptocurrency prizes and other asset performances. It will also feature sporting event outcomes, statistical predictions, score predictions, as well as live event outcomes for other forms of competition such as reality TV shows and gaming. The platform will enable users to make predictions across all the listed options and win different prizes such as cashback and other rewards.

The users who are playing and predicting on the CryptoGamez platform will be able to view their profile – the overall performance levels. They will also see the status of their activities – both present and past. The data will help the users to analyze their performance and make the necessary adjustments for the next activities.

The platform will also have an in-built exchange where users can trade tokens. The exchange operates with Automatic Market Marker (AMM) rather than the traditional order book. AMM autonomously matches orders, thus eliminating the need for centralized exchanges.

CryptoGamez will also include a native token, CGAZ, which will facilitate many activities on the platform. CGAZ will be the medium of exchange on the CryptoGamez ecosystem. Owners of this token will also enjoy its additional functionalities such as staking and yielding, which leads to partial income. CGAZ is also a governance token, meaning holders will take part in the decision-making on the project through voting.

Users will also access a trading bot that can trade on behalf of the trader. The bots work according to the preset algorithms and will enable users to predetermine different actions to respond to different market moves. For example, users can set stop losses and bids. They can also determine when to migrate a percentage of their portfolio to another asset. The trading bot will also protect the user from making emotional mistakes when trading. Making profits and losses may evoke certain emotions. Often, traders are carried away by the emotions to act out of the plan. Trading robots stick to the plan, hence achieving consistency necessary for successful trading, especially in a volatile market.

The project has a clear roadmap for the progressive launching of the products. The development begins in Q4 2021 with the idea generation, Launchpad partnership, Community building, and Pre-sale, to Q2 2022 with Bot Final Product Launch. CryptoGamez has scheduled an initial Dex Offering (IDO) as the next major event to raise funds towards the $1.1 million required for the development of the project. Participants will stand a chance to win rewards out of the $100,000 prize pool.

To ensure successful launching, CryptoGamez is collaborating with experienced Launchpad and marketing groups that have worked with over 100 successful projects. They include Exnetwork Capital, Halvings Capital, Game Zilla, Crypto Promoters Global, Kross Chain Launchpad, and DeltaHub Capital.

The project boasts a skillful and experienced team behind it. Imram Qureshi, the CEO, is a full-time Blockchain Developer. He also has experience in other areas such as Forex Exchange, Revenue Management, and Hotel Branding. Sunny, the COO and CMO, has been actively working with blockchain and DeFi projects for the past three years. Harshit Aggarwal (CTO) is another key figure behind the project. He has been part of the Crypto Space since 2017 and has gained a lot of experience working around Technical Experts for various projects.




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