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What makes Overwatch one of the best games ever released? And what does this mean for the future of FPS sound? Website: Soundcloud: All clips in this video are copyrighted under fair use for the purposes educational. Credits: Thanks to Akkash Thakkar for the amazing interview! GDC Images Gameplay Only Images Walter Murch Images Jason Bourne Images Thanks to iZotope for sponsoring this episode of Waveform! Gameplay footage from: Overwatch Titanfall 2 CoD: Black Ops 3 Gears of War Doom Battlefield 1 .



  1. Can you take a look at Titanfall 2 separately? I think the sound of you eliminating another pilot is the most satisfying ever 😀

    Also, Titans.

    Also also, your videos are amazing :O

  2. 🙁 FXXX… I just discovered your channel, so, no, no giveaway for me, (muahahaha… sound played). Anyway thumbs up, I will try to participate in your Producer Competition: Produce This #81. Cheerio

    Seems like the only unique thing I found is that they have louder footsteps for characters aiming at you and different footsteps per character, not sure how team composition affects the soundscape aside from each character having their own set of sounds and voice lines. I don't think the point of other games sounding samey regardless of who you play as is valid, because they don't necessarily call for distinctions like that. In Battlefield, for example, the whole point is that you're just one soldier amongst a sea of soldiers fighting in a full scale tragic war with people dying all around you. If every class had their own distinct sounds and characteristics it would totally ruin the immersion and feel like your fighting with the same small team of respawning clone buddies all the time. And when distinction IS called for, they do have it; the different countries speak in their own language. The rest of the information in this video has nothing to do with things that are unique to Overwatch. The part with Akash talking about "what Blizzard did with Overwatch is the most smooth sounding thing in the universe" makes it sound like Blizzard invented compressors or sidechaining, it's also not that hard to get a smooth result out of using these effects and techniques. To me what separates the sounds of Overwatch from some of the other big FPS games out there is that the gun shots are mostly texture with little impact, and the constant cheesy voice lines. I personally wouldn't call it the best sounding shooter ever. BTW I love this channel, I'm saving every video to watch it at a good moment so that I don't run out too quick, I loved the one on MW2019, can't wait for more video's!

  4. Never played Overwatch but I've played a lot of Apex Legends and I feel like that team took a lot of inspiration from Overwatch. The sound is extremely informative and you always hear what you need to hear to help you deal with any situation.

  5. Well, TF2 sounds old and retro, because it was made in 2007. OW was made on new engine, that's why it sounds like this. But OW gun sounds are too quiet, when TF2 gun sounds are loud.

  6. So thats why the fuck sounds of footsteps etc. are so fucking inconsistent. I mean sure better than muting them when theres anything loud happening but still thats annoying as fuck. At least I know now

  7. As Titanfall 2 veteran, I can assure you I could tell something was off with that audio clip of the R201 kill. However, I was unable to pinpoint the original games the other sounds came from.

    Edit: going back, I easily recognize the concussion grenade from bo3, and that means the running and grunting are from gears of war. I could be wrong about gears of war, as I have never played it before. Great video and a fun little challenge there 🙂

  8. #AT2020
    I've known shooter games that try to step up their levels by designing unique sounds for different guns,but never have I known about the level of detail that goes into sound design had it not been for your video. Very informative!


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