Is TITANFALL 2 The Best Shooter Out Right Now?


Titanfall 2 multiplayer game. ION Titan, Stim, Alternator class setup. Bounty hunting game. To submit a clip for the 10 Best Reads: E-mail: If you don’t have a capture card: PS4 users: Use Share Factory and upload to YouTube to YouTube “Unlisted” To submit your clip on YouTube: 1. Upload an Unlisted HD clip (instead of Public or Private) 2. Label it “(Your name) for ShakeDown2012 Top 10” eg: “Tim for ShakeDown2012 …” Specify the top 10 dunks, blocks, crossings, etc. 3. You can submit more than one HD clip 4. Remove the circle keeping LB and RB (L1 or R1) in instant replay 5. Send the clip to Play it in Regular Motion mode. TIP: Show at least 3 angles. TIP: PS4, XB1 or PC only. TIP: No footage captured by cell phone or camera. TIP: No edits please. Separate your clips. Subscribe ★★ ★ ShakeDown2012 Daily on Twitter ★ ★ ShakeDown2012 Daily on Twitch ★ ShakeDown2012 – Xbox One ★ ShakeDownXL – PSN ★ ShakeDownXL – Steam.



  1. In my honest opinion I don't think it's the best shooter out this year. I think it's a fun game and definitely capitalizes on the pros of the first game and corrected the flaws of the first game. It is good, I think it's only flaw is some people in the community. So it's not the games fault really. But i also think it has the same issue BF1 has. BF1 is an amazing game, and I'd put it ahead of Titanfall 2, but after 3-4 games of BF1 I'm bored, same goes for Titanfall. 3-4 games im bored. In my opinion the best shooter that released this year was Gears 4 but BF1 is a close second, Titanfall right behind that. Great video Shake.

  2. Yo shake, you should live stream titan fall and battlefield on twitch or YouTube. It would be lit to watch you comment live on 2k17 as well?. Love your content and I love how you're diversifying ya channel. Keep it coming.??

  3. TF2 is hands down the best run and gun type shooter out right now, then BF1. I think the best realistic, most tactical, true shooter is Rainbow 6 Siege. I stream TF2 and R6S…we should link up on TF2 and run some matches together. I'm a Generation 2, only because it took me about a week to even notice I wasn't leveling up anymore lol. But yes, hands down, TF2 is #1. It has so much diversity in terms of variables and customization. It's unlike anything out there, not to mention, the guns are super balanced. There is no 1 gun that dominates all, they all do damage provided you know their strengths, weaknesses, and of course, if you have the ability to capitalize on those. I run Northstar/Legion (Northstar more than anything), Cloak, and the CAR with a Firestar, Smart Pistol boost, Powercell, Footsteps, and the GTA execution (which is so disrespectful if you ask me lol). I mostly play Attrition, but I venture into everything. Not many people play Pilot v Pilot, which is what I prefer, so Attrition/Bounty Hunt make a respectable alternative. BEST OF ALL: FREE DLC & NO SEASON PASSES NEEDED! XB1 (Qu4ntumParas1te) (3.0 KD, and a 54% win percentage)

  4. Short answer: Camron nope.gif

    Long answer: Ive played IW, Titanfall during free weekend and BF1. BF1 is the best newly realesed shooter. TF is very polished and IW is way to chaotic. Overwatch, BF1 and Destiny are the best shooters on the market IMO.


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