Klonoa: The Greatest Platformer Duology Ever Made


Klonoa is a franchise that defines cult status. Loved by many but known by few, I figured it’s about time I abuse my status as a dictator and force its existence down some throats. With a PS1 classic and a PS2 masterpiece under its belt, (alongside one of the Wii games ever made) Klonoa stands tall as one of the best duologies in video games. Whether you like what you see or not, leave a comment then go buy the Phantasy Reverie Collection.

Video Credit: RubixPlays .



  1. Super great video going over both Klonoa games!! Absolutely love the series, and had a fun time watching through it 🙂
    I’d always been a fan of Klonoa from a distance, since I never got the chance to actually play the games myself till the remakes came out last year… but god DAMN are they good! Makes me really happy to see that the remakes did so well, cause we might finally get see a third game come out one of these days after all.
    Klonoa 3: Cry of New Mexico, here we come…

  2. I became a Klonoa fan since Phantasy Reverie Series. That’s when I learned the history and games from the past. Even though, I wished to see Klonoa be on top with Mario, Sonic, and Pac-Man. Namco needs to keep Klonoa around more often

  3. dude your writing and editing – the production level in general is top tier. disappointed these last couple vids haven't gotten enough attention yet. keep it up, this shit is so entertaining

  4. I absolutely adore the Klonoa series, I am so happy we're getting more high quality videos about this silly little series, it's a crime your channel doesn't have more subs cause you definitely deserve them!
    Although nvm, gonna have to dock a few points for mixing up Capcom and Namco at 3:10 ????????????????☝☝☝

  5. I missed Klonoa back when it was new, being just the right age to dismiss it as cutesy kiddy crap, and go back to playing my edgy PS1 library of survival horror and car-based murder contests. But I played it fairly recently for the first time, and now I wish I could back in time and slap my younger edgelord face.

  6. I missed these when they first came out, but they're conveniently on the Nintendo Switch now. They're great. 🙂

    edit: Also, Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch is such a sweet, beautiful game. You're in for a treat.

  7. Alright, first of all, thank you for reminding me one of my favorite games from my childhood, I played both the PS1 and the GBA ones and absolutely loved them. Second: I now need that Klonoa wallpaper in your PC ASAP!


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