LAST 14 Wii U EXCLUSIVES Worth Getting


14 exclusives plus 6 bonus games discussed with scores, CIB and sealed prizes and prediction of future values. The Wii U still has games that will probably never be ported to the Nintendo Switch. Which Wii U game is your favorite? Many thanks to my super Nintendo fans Jack Dooley, Peanutbuttertoastguy, Abdulla Mahboub, Geoff the Hero, Grant, Celina, Braxton, Luna, Yannick Grenier, Derek Garcia and Christian Vazquez! Support Nintendo Collecting on Patreon: 0:00 Introduction / Mario Wallet / Keychain Giveaway 0:38 Most Wii U games are getting a Switch port 2:06 14 preview exclusives and 6 Plus 2:34 Game & Wario 4:04 Splatoon 5:51 Nintendo Land 7:08 Rare Nintendo Land Luigi Wii Remote Plus Bundle 8:11 Paper Mario Color Splash 9:51 Mario Party 10 12:39 Mario Tennis Ultra Smash 14:18 Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics 15:56 Star Fox Zero and Guard 18:40 Xenoblade Chronicles X 20:31 Kirby and the Rainbow Curse 22:09 Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival 24:06 Wii Party U 25:52 Wii Fit U 27:08 Wii Sports Club 28:29 Zelda Wind Waker HD (sort of exclusive) 31:02 Zelda Twilight Princess HD (sort of exclusive) 33:19 Super Mario Maker (also on 3DS) 35 :11 Super Smash Bros for Wii U (also on 3DS) 38:12 Yoshi’s Woolly World (also on 3DS) 39:21 NES Remix Pack (also on 3DS) 40:48 Conclusion #Nintendo #GameCollecting # WiiU *********** ************************** Follow S Social Media: Facebook: https://www Instagram: Tumblr: Twitter: Twitch: http://www.twitch. tv/nintendocollecting.



  1. Be sure to enter the GIVEAWAY for the Mario Wallet and Keychain by Subscribing / Liking / Commenting. Winner announced in Wednesday's video.
    What is your favorite Wii U Game? What is the best Wii U Exclusive or what am I missing?

  2. Id be pretty surprised if yoshi’s woolly world doesn’t come to the switch. It honestly doesn’t make much sense not to port it, everything is there and all it would do is make a profit for Nintendo, in my opinion this game is way better than crafted world also. And if there was any doubt in your mind, they ported NSMBU and MK8 to switch and they made sequels to Wii U games on switch. So honestly I don’t see why they aren’t going to do it.

  3. I think Mario Party is one of those few games that never was ported over to a newer onsole from any original on their respective system
    It just got a contineous Number
    Or like the Paper Mario Series which were more creative by using different game sub titles (i.e Sticker Star, Color Splash etc.)
    Actually I already collected a ton of Games for Wii U the last 2 years when I started to really symphatise for this great console, but I just slowed down a little bit collecting physical games and started focus on games from E-Shop before it's shut down completly
    There are still such wonderful games available, like recently discovered Ducktales Remastered, The Swapper, Trine and many more that out of personally sight deserved a physical release
    My first download ever had been Affordable Space Adventures, which I had so much fun and experience with, on Co-op mode too
    Glad they are playable without internet connection and are partially cheap to get so let's go

    Greetings from Germany

  4. I think Zombi U is one of those gems, even though it was released everywhere else, it's not the same on the other platforms, the game benefited heavily by the special Wii U features and all of those things combined created a really special, intense experience that would keep you anxious at all times playing it, being afraid of every zombi fight, lack of ammunition and eventual death. I just got Wii U once again after all of those years since I was a teenager playing hours or hundreds of hours into Mario Kart 8, for me back then it was the only worth noticing game at the time, I didn't care about anywhere else on the platform, but now I just wanna play all of those Zelda remakes, Splatoon 1, Smash Bros Wii U, even damn Call of Duty to bring back memories of those games and try them on a Nintendo Console, too bad they haven't released any of them for Switch, which confuses me a lot, since they even released them on Wii and Switch is so much better in software sales than even Wii!
    Anyways, it makes me sad this console went so unnoticed, for me one Mario Kart 8 was worth it. My whole family could play it, form my grandma to my mom and her friends and literally everyone who came visit me would play it with me without a problem and have fun, such a great experience. But at least it will go down in history as a Dreamcast as a very good, but unpopular system… Eh
    Well, time to get my Wii U/Wii collection going finally. Hehe

  5. The only reason I'm not getting rid of my Wii U games is because I have an emotional attachment to them. Yes, they are the exact same on the Switch for the most part, but I experienced them first on the Wii U. I can't just throw that away.


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