Light Gun Reviews 138: Best ways to play Wii light gun games


In this video I explain what I personally think are the best ways to play light gun games on the Nintendo Wii.

Addendum: The LCD Topgun by EMS even predates the Wii .



  1. Very good. Excellent systematic review. I've found that aiming on wii games is a bit off for me. I've been trying all sorts of different sensors (except for the Power A). It seems the distance from the screen is the major factor? I have accumulated a number of original wii sensor bars, so instead of cutting one up, I could connect up 2 sensor bars taping up one set of lights on each to do your side to side trick?

  2. Is there a chance you can review newer alternatives like stuff on amazon or common stuff perhaps in a video? It's hard to come by certain wii guns you showed off lol and would just like your opinion on newer ones if possible ????

  3. I just started collecting every cool light gun and gun shell for Wii and ps move and I thought I had most of them but you have many I've never seen and no matter where I look online I can't find any of them. Mainly the ones with integrated wiimote and nunchuck. I did get the one that looks like guncon 3. I did see a few of those guns but they were on a website that looked sketchy and it was in a foreign language. Hopefully these show up on eBay or Amazon someday, I would love to add them to the collection. You should check out the YouTube channel gaming off the grid too, they are really into light gun games and have a great collection.

  4. I have the italian mitragliatrice and there is not nunchuck on it ????. With the P99, The mitragliatrice is the best gun on WII. My only complaint is from the rear of the gun is useless because not adjustable and too short to use with the shoulder. Anyway, play Ghost squad with this gun is awesome.

  5. 3:09 tutorial on how to do this or other way to do this? Also does making and putting your sensor bar this way make it when you point your wii mote to the middle of tv screen it will actually be in the middle of the screen?

  6. I actually own a couple wired PowerA Ultra Sensor Bars and love them. However, I dislike that some Nintendo Wii games lack the ability to adjust calibration so I have to aim my gun a bit downward since my sensor bar is positioned just below my TV. Would it be better to use an official Wii Sensor Bar modded by cutting it in half and having one sensor on each side of my TV at half height? For reference, I sit approximately 8 feet away from a 43" wide screen TV and my sensor bar sits just 2 1/2" below my TV.

  7. I very much appreciate this light gun review for Nintendo Wii. This video and your others videos have inspired me to begin collecting gun attachments for Nintendo Wii and PlayStation 3 a few years ago. I have accumulated a number of what I believe to be some great gun attachments for these consoles. I have also managed to find two Penguin United gun for Wii after a year plus of frequent searching almost daily. Both Penguin United guns also happen to be the updated version where sensitivity issues where fixed and includes an adapter that allows a Nintendo Wii Motion Plus to be attached. I also have several rare light gun attachments for Nintendo Wii and PlayStation 3. Eventually, I plan to collect guns for retro consoles as well as I have acquired a 36" Sony Trinition CRT TV. Anyways, if interested let me know where I can send some pictures of my gun collection so far. I have a Twitter account. <3

  8. Why is the Wand+ superior to the Wii Remote Plus? Are there any demonstrations that this is the case? Or that the Wii Remote Plus is superior to the standard Wii Remote in non-Plus games, for that matter?

  9. Hi I have also seen your Sinden Lightgun Video, and I just received my Sinden lightgun.I have a question, Have you tried using the Sinden Lightgun with a Wii Nunchuk in Dolphin Emulator?I want to play Wii games which require a nunchuk like Resident Evil 4 but obviously if its impossible to use it with the Sinden Lightgun I wont buy a nunchuk.

  10. Ok I have made some tests on my wii and a lot of games here my2 cents : Only a few game allow you to calibrate the gun decently on wii, fortunately there are the best one ( house of the dead 2/3/overkill, ghost squad and desperados heroes). In this case, the experience is quite nice (but maybe not as good as a a CRT one) and you can even play without the screen crosshair.

    Others games do not allow calibration and are less good. You have to shoot on the fly for most of them or use tricky ways to aim correcly. (moving the sensor bar from left to right or use a gun with a scope, allowing to aim upper..)

    note: house of dead games memorize the calibration witch is quite convenient. House of dead overkill got unfortunately a reload bug . Not sure 100% yet where this problem comes from .( you need to calibrate the wiimote before playing and deaactivate the shaker in the wii menu I think)

    I agree the more accessibles and good pistols are surely the Niko pistol grip and maybe the nerf pistol . But to also get a gun with a scope can be interesting for others game witch do not allow calibration . About the remote, I don't see the difference between my NIKO wand + and an official nintendo motion plus remote. I prefer the last one because the buttons are in plastic and give better sensation than the Niko wand plus (buttons in rubber, who look spoil after a few game ).

  11. I approve of your choice to show a Sony BVM as your CRT example. Looks like the monitor showing the sensor bar mods is a PVM too!

    I see light gun games losing popularity to be pretty inevitable. Arcade genres in general have seen a downward trend with few exceptions in the last ten years. On top of that, custom controllers as a trend seemed to have its last hurrah with the Guitar Hero and Rock Band franchise and it's exceedingly rare to see custom controllers for modern systems now. Though Sony reacted to Wiimotes with its superior (in terms of accuracy) Move controllers, it wasn't built into the system and didn't see heavy utilization until PSVR became popular. There just wasn't a chance for light gun games in the modern era, alas.

    I see Wii as kind of the last charge for light gun games. The accuracy sucked, but it was a popular system with a low barrier to entry for developers and had a point and click controller built in. Accordingly, it got a lot of light gun games that I don't think any other system would have gotten.

  12. Are there any other gun cradles that support the Nyko Wand Plus beside the Nyko pistol grip? I can't seem to find any other cradles that support the Nyko wand plus….Thanks! Great information!

  13. This is an incredibly thorough video. I'm having trouble wrapping my mind around the fact that there's a person on earth with this much knowledge of wii shooters. Hopefully you have a video on wii shooter games too!


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