M-Rated Wii Games! [Part 1: Unlikely Entries] | Nintendrew


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  1. M rated wii games that's easy . 1. Dead rising chop till u drop 2. No more heroes 3. No more heroes 2 4. Manhunt 2 5. CSI deadly intent 6. CSI fatal conspiracy 7. Far cry vengeance 8. CSI. Hard evidence 9. Madworld 10. Escape from bug island 11. Dead space : extraction 12. Resident evil the umbrella chronicles 13. Resident evil the darkaide. Chronicles 14. Sniper elite 15. Resident evil archives 16. Resident evil archives resident evil 0. 17. Onechanbara : bikini zombie slayers 18. Call of of duty 3 19. Call of duty mw3 20. Call of duty black ops 21. Call of duty 4 : modern warfare call of duty 5 : World at war. 22. Target terror 23. Driver : pareall lines. 24. Godfather : blackhand edition 25. Obscure 2 : the aftermath 26. Disaster 27. Fatal frame 28. Technu : shadow assassians 29. Silent hill shattered memories 30. Tom Clancy's splinter cell double agent 31. Alone in the dark 32. Mortal kombat Armageddon 33. The calling 34. Cursed mountain 35. House of the dead 2&3 returns 36. House of the dead overkill 37. Ju on the. Grudge 38. Resident evil 4 . I got 38 if there's 42 I wonder what the others are ?

  2. Fun fact Wii had every but on call of duty with Wii U witch had next 2 after black opps 2 last on ds and Wii. I guess call of duty never think Wii U was good. If you ask me I love Wii U. 4:52 add on the MWF 2 was only on ds

  3. me: id play dead rising chop till you drop
    nintendrew: they even added zombified animals like zombie poodles or zombie parrots

  4. 4:35 fun fact add on: that game plus other call duty can be find wii, wii u, DS, DS XL. form cal of duty 1 to call of duy ghost or black up 3. dont know what made 1st. could find on all of those. well wii u only had ghost and block up 3. and DS had warfare 2 as wii did no. and each gam came 1 week after each system. 1st PS 1 week xbox one week nintendo

  5. I actually like the wii because it’s one of my favorite consoles plus if u don’t own a game cube u can play game cube games like Luigi’s mansion or Shadow the hedgehog on it with no questions asked which is really cool in my opinion

  6. I'm hoping you make a part 2. The executions in Godfather Blackhand Edition were pretty gruesome to watch. The fact that you did some of the motions to perform them made it that much more disturbing. Definitely worth a mention as it's one of the better ported to Wii games.

  7. Shattered memories is pretty good. I'm a bit of a silent hill lore person, and while this game is technically a reboot/retelling of the first game, it's so different in so many ways that even if someone is a fan of the original, they'd definately get a lot from shattered memories. If anything, it actually kind of works even better if you know the plot of the original and pair it with this one in a "what could have been" kind of way.


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