Magnezone Might Be An Alien UFO

Magnezone Might Be An Alien UFO

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Each Pokémon is interesting and worth talking about. I don’t play a ton of Pokemon, but I love the universe, and I love learning more about the creatures within. So here’s another Pokémon! It’s Magnezone!

Details of Magnezone

Type: electric / steel

Average height: 3’11 ”

Average Weight: 396 lbs

First added in Generation IV

Illustration from article titled Magnezone Could Be an Alien UFO

Screenshot: The Pokemon Company / Kotaku

Earl slipped into the woods. Around him he could hear various Pokemon insects buzzing, jumping and clicking. It was a cold night, but the bugs didn’t care. They had things to say. Things to do. Just like him. Earl was on a mission.

“DAVE !!!” Earl howled through the night. A few minutes earlier, Dave had yelled at him. Normally, both were experts in exploring the forest. Tonight they were drunk. So even finding each other turned out to be difficult.

“COUNT! HERE!” This time Dave looked extremely strong and after pushing through a few more bushes and stumbling around a tree Earl found him. He was frozen, his head tilted towards the stars. He almost looked like a statue, but Earl noticed his eyes. They were nervous and stuck on something. It took a few moments for Earl to see him too. In the dark sky, a big … metal thing. He didn’t know what it was. None of them did.

Suddenly, the strange round object turned and stared at the two men. He had eyes. Three of them.

“Oh, it’s just a Magnezone. It does not matter. I thought it was a UFO or something. Let’s go, Earl. I need another beer.

Fox Mulder and Dana Scully arrived in the woods outside of Highway 205. Mulder was anxious the entire trip here. He had spent most of the trip sharing his theories about Magnezone, many of which involved extraterrestrials. It didn’t surprise Scully. After working with Mulder for so long, she knew what to expect.

“Scully, according to Bulbapeida, this so-called “Pokémon” is made of metal, uses magnets to fly, and communicates with an unknown entity. Now, does that sound like something Pikachu would hang out with, to you?

She sighed. “Mulder, what did I tell you about using the Bulbapedia and Pokedex entries as the basis for your theories?”

Mulder laughed as he crumpled up his now empty bag of sunflower seeds and stuffed it into the large side pocket of his coat.

“What can I say, Scully. I needed something to read. It was a long drive.

The two, led by an over-excited Mulder, made their way through the woods and eventually reached Earl and Dave, two local Pokémon trainers who were also in their late 40s and, for some reason, and s’ dressed a lot like backwoods hunters. the United States.

“Wait, why are you two FBI agents even here?” It was just a Magnezone. No crime was committed. Seems to be … a waste of FBI resources.

Scully nodded and turned to Mulder to explain why this was all a waste of time, but she saw that he was about to do this thing where he kept talking about a topic, and because he had. looks cool, people just let it be. he. Everytime.

Mulder, out of touch with Earl’s logic or Scully’s body language, instead started talking to the men while looking around the area for signs of aliens, or at least their UFOs.

“Did you know that many believe that Magnezone is actually an alien life form and could come from space? Or that he could use the large antenna on his head to communicate with … other unknown beings?

“Mulder, just send them a link to the Bulbapedia page and stop wasting everyone’s time with that-” Scully was interrupted by Mulder’s next question.

“Did you two drink?” Mulder had spotted an empty beer can under a rain-soaked bush.

“Uh… yeah… we were…” the two men paused. Now Mulder sighed.

“Damn. Really? Well, that ruins everything. I go back to the car.

Magnezone’s average height is 3’11 “. I guess now Magnezone is a big fan of 311. I wonder if they hang around with it. Cute. According to a Pokedex entry, it uses radar to watch for enemies, then destroys them with a laser beam. I am part of the Mulder team. It doesn’t sound like a Pokemon to me, but a technology. Magnezone’s magnetic powers are sometimes too strong and they end up attracting each other and sticking to each other, unable to move. Best comment from last week

Pokémon in the anime: this Pokémon will snuggle up against you and be your best friend

Pokémon in video games: this Pokémon will lick your asshole while you sleep

– radical blues

Now, this is something the FBI should investigate.

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Illustration from article titled Magnezone Could Be an Alien UFO


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