MAKING a ROBLOX FPS GAME | #1 Map, Movement + Damage


MAKE A ROBLOX FPS GAME | #1 Map, Movement + Damage ? WEBSITE CHANNEL: ? JOIN DISCORD: ? UPDATE ON PART 2 (8/18/22) ! It may take time but I look forward to the future of this series! ? Who is Disobeyedcrab? Hi there! My name is Harry, a 15 year old developer aiming to produce the best content possible. All of my videos are carefully produced at the highest quality. Timestamps: 0:00 Weapons Showcase 1:17 Map 8:12 Movement 8:52 Crab Trickshotting 9:36 Movement 10:33 Damage GUI 12:17 Vote! #robloxstudio #roblox #realisticgame #robloxstudiotutorial .



  1. bro, at least give us an uncopylocked version and we can figure it out from there don't title this "how to make a fps game" when you dont even show us how to get the guns and you force us to join your discord to get the damage ui and maybe you'd get more subscribers if you give us the proper stuff to make our stuff.


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