Maneater, Killing Floor Boss Supports Texas Anti-Abortion Law

Maneater, Killing Floor Boss Supports Texas Anti-Abortion Law

Protesters outside the Texas State Capitol.

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According to a tweet posted yesterday By John Gibson, president of Tripwire Interactive, the studio behind Maneater and Killing Floor, he’s “proud” that the US Supreme Court authorized a new anti-abortion law in Texas earlier this week.

The controversial law prohibits abortion after six weeks and goes so far as to allow private citizens to sue abortion providers or anyone even suspected of helping a woman terminate a pregnancy. This essentially creates a bounty system targeting abortion seekers and enforced by random residents of Texas.

The September 4 tweet from Tripwire Chairman John Gibson via his personal Twitter account, explained that he was “proud” of the recent Supreme Court decision to refrain from blocking Texas Senate Bill 8. The law project, which became law at midnight on Wednesday September 1, bans abortions in the Lone Star State after six weeks.

However, the police and elected officials of the state will not be its executors. Instead of, this duty will be incumbent on individuals, who are now empowered to take legal action against any person or group they believe facilitates abortion. It could even include people who just drive a patient to a clinic, help them in by pushing a wheelchair, or hold their hand for comfort. Any Texas citizen can now sue them for $ 10,000.

Texas has effectively created a surveillance system operated by private citizens, the sole purpose of which is to prevent women from safely accessing abortion. While abortions will still be legal within the first six weeks, the majority of women do not yet realize that they are pregnant by this time. As Jezebel notes, “Although patients in Texas are still guaranteed the right to an abortion by Roe v. Wade, after Tuesday it will be moot at best.”

Clearly, this is an evil and misogynistic law that will hurt thousands of women and others with wombs who do not have the resources to travel outside of Texas to access medical care. safe abortions. This will force desperate women to face the unimaginable choice of attempting to access potentially dangerous and dangerous procedures out of prying eyes or of carrying an unwanted pregnancy to term against their will. This is a terrible, unbelievably horrible law, made legal only by the Supreme Court growing abuse of the so-called phantom dossier to rule on extremely consequential cases.

Still, Tripwire Interactive chairman John Gibson is happy about it all. In his tweet, he also described himself as a “anti-abortion Game developer. “He felt it was very important to share with the world. Mr. Gibson also mentions that he doesn’t ‘play politics’ very often. He has clearly decided to make an exception to share a bit. enthusiastic about this law designed to hurt women by stripping them of their basic human rights.

Kotaku reached out to Tripwire Interactive about Gibson’s tweet supporting the controversial anti-abortion law.

Reactions to the tweet came quickly as it spread across social media, with many video game developers, writers, designers and fans leaning into Gibson’s disturbing tweet. Many have also expressed disappointment that Gibson’s statement will undoubtedly cause more stress for the people who work under him at Tripwire and now have to deal with this shit. Plus, it can’t be nice to know that your boss is okay with Texas women losing the right to control their own bodies. Some people have vowed to stop playing existing and future Tripwire games, going as far as block the publisher on their Steam accounts.

Update: September 5, 6:04 p.m. ET: Shipwright Studios, a self-proclaimed “co-development” studio, announced it cancels all contracts with Tripwire Interactive as a direct result of Gibson’s tweet. The company had previously worked alongside Tripwire to help the studio develop Maneater and Chivalry II.

“We cannot in good conscience continue to work with Tripwire under the current leadership structure,” Shipwright said in a statement posted on Twitter. “We will begin canceling our existing contracts with immediate effect.”

The original story follows:

If you want to help women pay for safe abortions, you can donate to Lilith Fund, Jane’s due process, or the Texas Equal Access Fund. These groups help women in the state allow abortions, provide them with support and resources, and other helpful services. With the shocking passage of Texas Senate Bill 8, supporting organizations like these has become even more important to women in Texas, who face an uncertain future in a state that now denies them the right to vote. control of their body.


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