Mario Kart DS- Why It's The Best Mario Kart


In this video, I will be joined by T&D Productions discussing why Mario Kart DS is the best Mario Kart game. Mario Kart is a series known for multiplayer fun, and Mario Kart music for study motivation. Hopefully we’ll get Mario Kart 9 in 2021!

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  1. Mario Kart Wii and 8 are better than Mario Kart DS with all the mechanics they have added over the years. Mario Kart Tour has the best mission mode. And the wii had challenges when it was online.

  2. Mario Kart for snes is clearly the best overall ???????? no other has such mean, devilish computer opponents, only my family members are meaner players???? and it has a perfect balance of mechanics like drifting, slides and so on.

  3. I just recently found my old 3Ds and decided to jailbreak it and get a ton of old Ds and 3Ds games. Im currently addicted to Mario kart Ds everything about it stands the test of time other than graphics and minor stuff. Still my favorite Mario kart.

  4. playing on mcdonald’s wi-fi to play MK online on a handheld? woah this was high tech for me!

    i mained Toad R.O.B and dry bones, standard carts usually

    i think i love the presentation of this game especially, visuals and sound

  5. Actually I hate mk8’s drifting style because it make getting the mini-turbo too easy unlike previous games like ds or 64 where to master drifting takes time and effort. But then again this was my first mario kart so I have perfected snaking

  6. I remember during weekends and school breaks when I was between 8 and 10 my cousins and I would play this game together non-stop for hours and hours it was crazy. I’m 19 now and I got my old DS Lite I got back in 2009 for my 7th birthday running again. Still works amazing for a 13-year-old gaming device. Man those were the days. When I link up with my cousins again and we’re not busy I’ll ask if they still have theirs and if we can relive old times. Those times were the best, with life so simple.

  7. With Wiimmfi you can use all the online components in nearly all DS(I) and Wii games just like you could back in the day!! It's extremely easy to use and doesn't require any modding, litteraly takes like 30 seconds to do. Wish more people knew about this, maybe you could do a video on it if you haven't already!


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