Matty's Top 10 BEST GAMES Of 2021


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In an absolute chonker of a video, it’s time to talk the top 10 games for 2021!

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  1. no ratchet and clank, no deathloop, no returnal, no demons souls, no nintendo games, but halo infinite that i think is one of the most bland halo game of all halo games, and outridres? dud this was clearly a gamepass add

  2. Not that it was released in 2021, but Deep rock galactic had a lot of updating and a free season pass release. For a game about mining and shooting alien bugs, it is surprisingly deep and playing with friends is just a great time.

  3. You top 10 games list makes realize just how terrible games have gotten. I'm a fan of the "Tales of" series, but they've not had a good game in a long long time. Last great one was Tales of Symphonia. There was one or two good ones after that, but it has been a huge bust for a long time. I tried to like Arise, but could not.

  4. Hatred generate views. Best 5 got fewer views than worse 5.

    Or may be game pass is so good, that people try to avoid bad games.
    Nevertheless, gamepass game quality needs to be improved.

  5. I never played the first one, but Neo is still my second favorite game of the year. Sure, you don't know who some of the people appearing are. But do you know who else doesn't know? The protagonist you play. The game makes a good job to really put you in the mindset of the world, so you will not feel lost.

    This game is awesome, don't miss it. The battle system, the progression system, the music, the cutscenes are on of the best I've seen in years. And the new characters are fun too.

  6. matty when i said i thought you were being overly critical on fallout 76 i meant only on certain parts. like does the price of a cosmetic (which i agree is at times too high) really matter that much to the quality of a game when you don't have to buy any cosmetics at all?

  7. The ones I played: Guardians of the galaxy: haven't finished it yet, but I was really surprised if the depth the game had, it had strategic battles, awesome banter, and a really pretty game.
    Psychonauts 2: maybe I'm just a crazy… but I really don't get the hype… plays and looks like an old game. Guessed who the bad guy was as soon as they showed em, the bad guys, lvls, were… slightly interesting, but for a game about people's psyche, it's to be expected, so I'm not sure why people are so blown away…it's just more Psychonauts lol. (Maybe cause I paid 70$ for it lol)

    Death's door! Super fun 🙂 platinumed, loved it
    I wish my husband played the Outriders with me…I would've played it more cause I like playing those type games with him (like borderlands) but he hated it….

  8. Finally somebody feels my plight with Outriders. They made updates, fixes, but still having issues with multiplayer match up. The game was so fun, and got a few things right. Would love to have some friends to join me.

  9. Halo Infinite won it for me simply for how fun the gameplay is. It's my new go to pvp game. If I am playing online Im playing halo infinite that simple. Still haven't jumped into GOTG but it is on everyone's list so I'm looking forward to going through that story soon.

  10. Hey, Matty, I'm sure you know by now, but SMT IV Apocalypse is not SMT IV. SMT IV Apocalypse is basically SMT IV-2, and if you want that moody, post-apocalyptic feeling, you should definitely check out the original. It's a total classic, has the same moody atmosphere of V, and is totally devoid of the weird tropey nonsense of IVA. It's also a lot better on the story front than V.

  11. I finished 36 games in 2021 (not all of them released in 2021).

    Of the 2021 releases:
    1) Halo Infinite
    2) Marvel's Guardian of the Galaxy
    3) Deathloop
    4) RE Village
    5) Death Stranding Directors Cut

    Of all games played:
    1) Days Gone
    2) Prey
    3) Halo Infinite
    4) The Outer Worlds
    5) Marvel's Guardian of the Galaxy

    Hypercritical Matty = No Fun Matty 🙂 Based on Matty's Halo Infinite review (which was a very soft buy) I am surprised it ended up on this list.


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