Modded: PSP vs 3DS vs Vita | Which one is Best


I’ve done individual videos on each of these consoles in the past and one question I constantly get asked is which one do I think is the best out of the three? So today i thought id compile the consoles together and compare them to one another. No matter how you look at it all three are great but lets see which one stands above the others.

Mod a Vita:
Mod a 3ds:
Mod a PSP:

2ds XL:

SD2Vita Adapter:
PS4 Controller:
Ps vita grip:
Vita case:
PSP Sd Card adapter:
DS R4 card:

More Cool Sh’tuff
RG 351P:
Powkiddy A19:
RK 2020:
PocketGo S30:
Retroid Pocket:
Switch Lite:
GameCube Controllers:
3rd Party GameCube Controllers:
GameCube Style JoyCons:

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  1. I had all 3 consoles, and I will always recommend the vita. The vita is just amazing. The 3ds xl I had was so underpowered compared to the vita. You can see exactly where Nintendo cut corners, like one analog stick and poor gaming power. On the other hand Sony designers were like, let's design a HH console that will blow the socks of the competition,and that is exactly what they did.

  2. If you want a modded handheld… I'd say all of them would be just fine! For me, it's a PS Vita hands down. It can natively play PS1, PSP, and PS Vita games. There are also quite a few PS2, PS3, and even PS4 games that were natively ported to PSP and PS Vita over the years… when modded with CFW, it can emulate all consoles underneath the Dreamcast relatively well. There are compatibility lists you can check out if you want to know exactly which Dreamcast or N64 games work when emulated. Everything older than those two aforementioned consoles can be pretty much 100% emulated. Not to mention, the homebrew ports of some really incredible AAA titles from some years back (including GTA 3/VC/SA, Bully, Dead Space: Mobile, Diablo 1, Warcraft 2, and many others). Being able to overclock the PS Vita with LOLicon plugin AND increase/decrease resolution and sometimes framerates in games with the VitaGrafix app/plugin makes a world of difference as opposed to the stock settings as well. Don't forget, you can download .mp3 files AND videos for full on entertainment system value. In other words, with the PS Vita you will have more entertainment on-the-go than can be imagined lol. If you decide to roll with just a PSP, I'd opt in to get a PSP: Go… it's incredibly sleek, well designed, and fits in a pocket perfectly. Other than that, the New 3DS is wonderful too, plus gaming in actual 3D is a pretty neat gimmick IMO.

    Again, they are all awesome. 🙂

  3. A modern smartphone with a controller just isn’t the same. I’ve tried using an Xbox controller and one of those expensive controllers that you strap your phone into…it’s just ok. then my phone gets hot and I’m draining battery when I’d rather just have a designated handheld and keep my phone on the table.

  4. Oh yeah, the New 3DS consoles can run PSX games. It isn't perfect performance but depending on the game it's pretty close.
    You will absolutely have a nicer experience playing them on a PSP or PSVita, though.


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