Monster Hunter Rise Demo for the Nintendo Switch – My Nintendo News

Monster Hunter Rise Demo for the Nintendo Switch – My Nintendo News

The monster slaughter is back. Back with its light humor, refreshed visuals backed by Capcom’s RE Engine alongside two new features, Monster Hunter Rise is a wonderful return – as far as first impressions go – to one of the developer’s best-selling action RPGs. At My Nintendo News, we had the chance to get our hands on an Early Access demo to find out what the latest in the series has to offer – and it didn’t disappoint.

I’ll be one of the first to admit that I haven’t entered the Monster Hunter series since 2016, after the launch of Monster Hunter Generations on the 3DS. I am rusty. Forgetting that the series (and arguably this demo) is notoriously unnecessary for newcomers to the franchise, despite having a training mission to get used to the basics, it took me several hours to get comfortable with the gameplay. Fortunately, the two single player tutorial missions available – ‘Training’ and ‘Wyvern Riding’ – allow new (and rusty) players to try out all 14 weapon types available in the game without limits. start to find your favorite weapon.

For newcomers and veterans alike, these two single-player missions are a great way to experience, learn, and adapt to using the game’s two new features: Canyne’s companions known as’ Palamutes ” and the Wirebug mechanic. While both features are inspired by Zelda (via Twilight Princess’s Wolf Link and the Hookshot Tool), they fit so wonderfully into the world of Monster Hunter that I’m surprised they haven’t been implemented until. now. With the inclusion of quick collect and zero map load screens from Monster Hunter World, rolling around on your Palamute and scaling cliffs to higher places is incredibly fun. For those who like to explore, discover secret areas, and collect unique items for quests, palamute riding will make collecting much faster and provide more flexible and fun hunting.

For the ultimate flexibility when collecting quests, the Wirebug Mechanic is the perfect tool for hard-to-reach areas. By combining your stamina gauge with the Wirebug, hunters can easily climb cliffs, while moving horizontally and vertically across the terrain. Sure, mastering the controls can take a bit of time, like with any new Monster Hunter feature, but it’s worth it. Given that the Wirebug can be used in combat (and works differently depending on the type of weapon used), the potential depth of this ability seems quite staggering. Additionally, when used to capture monsters as part of the Wyvern Rider mode during missions, the Wirebug becomes a very useful addition for taking down larger and much more difficult monsters.

Speaking of big monsters, the demo contains two main missions that can be attempted a limited number of times in single player, local or online multiplayer before the demo trial period ends on January 31st. These missions pit you against a large Izuchi, ideal for beginners, and a Mizutsune for those familiar with hunting. For the record, the Mizutsune mission is incredibly difficult for players who have spent almost a year on their Animal Crossing Islands instead – yes, that includes me. However, it presents a great Monster Hunter Rise experience for veterans who want to team up with their friends online. And while we haven’t had a chance to take full advantage of online multiplayer yet, we’re excited to see how it plays out in the public demo.

When it comes to first impressions, Monster Hunter Rise seems to be reaching new heights. While playing on a handheld is still the most comfortable way to reflect a “ real ” Monster Hunter experience from days gone by, playing docked mode with great graphics is a great sight, especially when a Mizutsune dances and fights with it. so much elegance in its bubbles. So, will you take up the challenge this month?

The Monster Hunter Rise demo is available for download on the Nintendo eshop on January 7 in the US and January 8 in Europe until January 31. An early access demo of the game has been provided to My Nintendo News by Nintendo UK.

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