Monster Hunter Rise has been updated to 3.4.1

Monster Hunter Rise has been updated to 3.4.1

Monster Hunter Rise continues to see post-release content. Most have come in the form of new updates, and some of those updates have been very significant. Capcom typically likes to release updates in the second half of a month, and it just happens to be late September right now.

So earlier today, Capcom released the update. Once downloaded, the Nintendo Switch exclusive game should be version 3.4.1. As for the official patch notes, that’s a long list. The biggest change is the addition of new event quests which will be available every week. In addition to that, the update contains a lot of bug fixes. The patch notes can be seen below.

Main additions / changes

New event quests will be available every week.


Fixed a bug that sometimes caused Apex Diablos to behave abnormally when attacking by swinging its horns multiple times in a row. A bug preventing Narwa’s Thunder Rings from disappearing if his health drops below a certain point while the rings spawn Fixed a bug causing Teostra to be slaughtered without going through a falling animation if the player Uses a flash bomb while Teostra breathes fire through the air. Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause certain monsters to face the opposite direction when trying to face the player.


Fixed a bug causing a difference between the player’s equipped weapon type and their equipment information, if the player changes weapon type just before the cooldown elapses after completing a quest. Fixed a bug causing the tired running animation to cancel if the player uses or gathers an item during this animation.Fixed a bug that caused the player to slide after landing, if it canceled Demon mode double blades in the air, or if he lands on a slope after charging the hammer in the air. Fixed a bug causing the game to crash if the player joined an ongoing Rampage quest with specific timing. Fixed a bug in multiplayer that would sometimes cause a monster’s mountable state to shorten depending on the type of attack it was hit with just before entering that state. some hairstyles would crash into the player’s face when moving. Fixed a bug that caused the “Bob with headband” hairstyle to go through certain types of headgear. Fixed a bug causing kick fist sound effects to play when landing blows with the Piercing Bind of the two blades while wearing the “Akuma” layered armor. in the village or in the training / quest area. Fixed a bug where the player could not gently throw a second kunai when using the radial menu to throw kunai. Fixed a bug causing the Increased the power of the Great Sword’s Rage Slash to carry on other attacks if the player is damaged while performing the action Fixed a bug that caused incorrect transition timing when combining the right slash of both blades in wild demon mode, or upslash in demon mode in the vault Fixed a bug when trying to exit Demon mode after running the shrouded vault of both blades in mode Devil. These Silkbind attacks will disappear indefinitely from the screen if the player and Silk temporarily exit the camera while performing the move. Fixed a bug causing the hammer impact crater attack animation to cancel if the player falls off a ledge just after landing on the ground. Fixed a bug causing Zero Sum to end Discharge Finisher from the switching ax before all hits are registered if the attack coincides with a hit stop (the point where the player character briefly freezes when landing a hit). a bug causing the charge The Midair Amped (or Super) element discharge from the blade must be canceled after performing the Ax Hopper, if the player falls off a ledge just after landing on the ground. Fixed an error in the amount of time the player can combine from the front of the Dodge charge blade (in Sword mode) into Charge. If the player threw a Kinsect at a monster moving away from the player, the Kinsect would stop at the monster’s position the moment the Kinsect was cast. This has been corrected.


Fixed a bug that sometimes caused another player’s voice to play when sending an automatic shout to all lobby members in multiplayer. Fixed various text bugs. Other miscellaneous bug fixes were made.


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