Monster Hunter Rise has been updated to version 2.0.0 – My Nintendo News

Monster Hunter Rise has been updated to version 2.0.0 – My Nintendo News

You may recall that Capcom recently confirmed that Monster Hunter Rise was going to receive a major update later tonight. Capcom has announced a lot of things to come in the update, including “the arrival of the former dragons Kushala Daora, Teostra and the previously announced Chameleos”.

Well, as promised, Capcom has released the update. Once you have downloaded it, the Nintendo Switch The exclusive game should be version 2.0.0. As for the official patch notes, that’s a long list. Various items have been added, as well as new monsters. You can see the patch notes in full below.

Main Additions / Changes Story Elements Added Your Hunter Rank limit will be increased when certain conditions are met. New monsters will begin to interfere in some quests. Added Items After Hunter Rank Limit Increased New monsters will appear in village and hub quests New monsters will appear in Rampage New quests, arena quests and requests will be available New trees in the Rampage Weapons, armor, items and petalaces will be available. New skills and Rampage skills will be available. Armor upgrade level will be increased. New decorations will be available to forge at the forge. Layered armor will be available to forge. at the Forge. Palico and Palamute layered armor will be available to forge. at Buddy Smithy, the cap for Palico and Palamute levels will be raised to level 50, while the default level for Palico and Palamute hired by the Buddy Scout will be raised. Added System Items New Guild Card rewards will be available. You will be able to change the appearance of your hunter from the character selection menu using a character modification voucher.
Note: Character Modification Vouchers can be purchased from Nintendo eShop and new downloadable content from Nintendo eShop. Miscellaneous bug / base / installation fixed Fixed a bug preventing player from moving target’s reticle while guarding while maintaining charged piercing shot or charged cannon thunderclap during a rampage quest. Mystery ”which resulted in the production of the same Talismans in the exact same order for some players. When the player receives a new Petalace or a new item of clothing for their Cohoot, the game automatically saves. If the player force exits the game without saving after this autosave, and then restarts the game, a bug would cause these items to not have been obtained correctly. Fixed a bug that caused weapon icons and forging icons on weapon trees to appear to flash Fixed a bug where the game would no longer respond to commands when recalling Meowcenaries to the housekeeper. monster destroyed a hunting facility while the menu for that facility was still open, the menu remained on the screen for a few seconds before displaying an error message. Fixed a bug where the game would become unresponsive if the player accesses the dialogue message to reach HR2 while having a lot of trinkets placed on shelves and alcoves and also changing hanging scrolls. some monster intro cutscenes do not appear in the gallery if the player joins and completes an ongoing quest. Monsters Fixed a bug causing materials to drop where Narwa crashes after defeating her in the quest “Serpent Goddess of Thunder” Fixed a bug causing a monster to return to the area from where it was came after starting a fight with another monster after being attracted Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the red eye to remain on screen, preventing the player from using fast travel, if they were using Wyvern Riding for move the monster to another area during multiplayer. Fixed a bug that prevented Khezu killing quests from completing if the player kills him in a specific location Fixed a bug that caused Rajang to continue using his breath attack Fixed a bug that would cause Monsters were trapped as they moved between certain areas of the Frost Isles. Fixed a bug causing an error when there was powder left on the screen by the “Kinsect: Fire” of the Glaive Insect when defeating a monster during the “Serpe nt God of Wind” or the quest “Serpent Goddess of Thunder.” Fixed a bug that prevented the camera from responding when binding a Tetranadon, due to online connection issues during multiplayer. Fixed a bug preventing the quest “Serpent Goddess of Thunder” correctly ended if the quest host disconnects during the cutscene after defeating Narwa. Fixed a bug that caused some monsters to go past the final door during Rampage quests, preventing the player from getting them. hit. Player Fixed a bug causing artificial screen vibrations when combining the Gunlance’s Air Smash in the Wyrmstake Cannon Fixed a bug in the hit detection of the gunlance charged aerial bombardment when using the gunlance. Long type If the player tried to Morph Advance straight back with the Charge Blade right after using Counter Peak Performance, the player would instead move straight forward. Fixed a bug that caused the player to unintentionally perform a forward evasion twice in a row if escaping with their weapon in the scabbard Fixed a bug that caused the player to react as if they were damaged when hit by wind pressure during recoil. Fixed a bug causing the spear’s Cross Sweep to immediately cancel if the player performed it near a ledge and fell Fixed a bug causing the Wyvern ammo from the Heavy Bow Rifle to fire in the wrong direction when ‘it was shot without aiming during Fixed a bug that prevented the player from using successively the Jumping Advancing Slash and the Strong Jumping Advancing Slash of the Insect Glaive Fixed a bug causing the immediate cancellation of some of the Silkbind attacks hammer if the player executed them while falling from a ledge. Fixed a bug preventing Wyvernblast from exploding from the Light Bow Rifle on placeable weapons like Ballistae and Cannons. Transition animation from Charge Blade Guard reaction to Amplified Element Discharge Fixed a bug preventing you from changing your angle of attack with the hunting horn when combining into a melody while you have a Stored Magnificent Trio Fixed a bug causing the increased stamina portion of the player’s Petalace to decrease when entering and exiting the tent at camp after collecting a Prism Spiribird Fixed a bug preventing Wyvern ammo from hitting correctly Fixed a bug that caused the heavy rifle to be automatically sheathed during a free Silkbind Glide after a Fixed a bug allowing the player to go out of bounds by performing certain actions in the flooded forest Fixed a bug preventing the recoil removal effect from activating when loading the Charge Blade sword Fixed a bug preventing Kinsect from activating: Insec Harvest Extract glaive you if the X button is not pressed correctly Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the player to disappear and become uncontrollable when touching mud thrown by Almudron at the same time as a large monster Fixed a bug that caused the player to disappear. player was taking more damage than intended when knocked down from a high plateau by a monster roar during the quest “Serpent God of Wind”. Miscellaneous Fixed incorrect boss icons displayed on the “Arena 03” quest results screen. Fixed incorrect end time displayed at the end of a quest. Other bugfixes were made.

This update brings the following:

Face off against various new monsters Apex RathalosApex DiablosChameleosTeostraKushala Daora Standard Quests for Apex Monsters: Some Apex monsters will have their own standard quests. They broke free from Rampage to wreak havoc in various locations! Magnamalo appears in the Rampage quests. Magnamalo, the flagship monster in this game, will now appear during Rampage quests. Use hunting facilities or get up close to protect the village! Unlock your hunter rank limit and challenge new monsters! Until now, your Hunter Rank was capped at 7, but if you upgrade to version 2.0, the cap will be removed based on your progress in the Hub Quests. Once the cap is removed, you will earn Hunter Rank Points after each quest. As you increase your Hunter Rank, quests featuring the newly added monsters will begin to appear. You’ll also have access to new Rampage Quests, Arena Quests, and Advanced Solo Quests that will really test your skills! Unlock your hunter rank limit and start forging layered armor! Once you’ve unlocked the cap, you’ll be able to forge layered armor, allowing you to change your hunter’s appearance without sacrificing your regular armor skills and stats. Bring a little fashion to your hunts! Lots of free event quests! There will be a lot of event quests that you can download from the Internet, after installing the free title update “Ver.2.0”. Once you’ve downloaded an Event Quest, you can also play it offline, as many times as you like. Once you’ve downloaded an Event Quest, you can also play it offline, as many times as you like.



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