Monster Hunter Rise has been updated to version 3.2.0

Monster Hunter Rise has been updated to version 3.2.0

Monster Hunter Rise continues to see post-release content. Most have come in the form of new updates, and some of those updates have been very significant. Capcom typically likes to release updates in the second half of a month, and it just happens to be late July right now.

So, earlier tonight, Capcom released the update. Once downloaded, the Nintendo Switch exclusive game should be version 3.2.0. As for the official patch notes, that’s a long list. Various items have been added, as well as a bunch of bug fixes. You can see the patch notes in full below.

Main additions / changes New event quests will be available every week. New downloadable content can be purchased from Nintendo eShop. Arabic language support added. Bug fixes / Base / miscellaneous installation Fixed a bug that sometimes caused quests to start while players still had their item box open. Fixed a bug sometimes allowing players to place the same jewel twice when changing the interior of their room. Fixed bug sometimes causing only one layered armor color to be changed when editing all colors at once via the Layered Armor Pigment option at Buddy Smithy. Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause the preview to disconnect and which buddy the player has with them when changing the color of Buddy’s layered armor. Fixed a bug where the content of Ikari’s dialogue was incorrect when speaking to him in a specific order at the village port. Fixed a bug causing orders to stop if the player quickly pressed the A button while ordering a Motley Mix in the Canteen. Monsters Fixed a bug where Goss Harag’s breath looked strange and had incorrect hit detection if the player paused and resumed play during the breath attack. Fixed a bug causing some unintentionally sized monsters to appear as invaders in some quest info.
Monsters affected: Aknosom, Bishaten, Rajang, Teostra, Apex Mizutsune, Apex Rathalos, Apex Zinogre. Fixed a bug preventing monsters knocked back by weapon attacks while stuck in a trap while on a rampage quest from being counted in the “Repel using a weapon sub-assignment.” ‘A bug that would sometimes cause Apex Mizutsune to continue using his breath attack even when he was down Fixed a bug that caused Teostra’s dust to remain on screen if he was killed during his creation. Fixed a bug where it would occasionally prevent monsters from moving if the player uses a Wailnard to lure them under specific circumstances. Fixed a bug sometimes preventing certain damage from being dealt in a specific timing, hitting Crimson Glow Valstrax with certain attacks (like Charging Blade Ax: Amplified Element Blast) while it is absorbing energy. Player Fixed a bug that sometimes caused all on-screen information to disappear if the player enters a tent after being hit by a restraint attack. Fixed a bug where the player character would respond vocally to a request for help if they were in a tent while another player arrives. Fixed a bug causing a melody to be activated by the horn. Hunting when player starts a Magnificent Trio under specific circumstances Fixed a bug that caused the target parameter to be removed on a monster if the player sets the radial menu parameters to Type 2 and then performs certain actions after opening the menu custom radial. Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the player to move quickly to the upper zone instead of the lower zone during the quest “The Mother of All”. shipping item, a message that the item was broken would appear even after delivering it. This has been corrected. Fixed the game so that if the player changes the menu loading in the radial menu settings, the new loading is properly maintained after exiting the game. Fixed a location in Area 1 of the Lava Caverns that the player did not would not be able to jump over if he straddles a Canyne. Fixed a bug preventing “Ammo Up” from activating if the player activated this skill using a decoration on their weapon, then switched weapons or returned Fixed a bug that caused buddy attacks to ignore the Flinch Free skill.Fixed a bug causing a light line to appear under the player character’s chin if Makeup / Paint 30 is set to bright. Fixed a bug preventing collected monster drops from being counted to the optional submarine -quests during the “Serpent Goddess of Thunder” and “The Allmother” quests. Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause the player’s character model to bend at the waist if the player used a kunai after being negated from a wyvern’s fire by your king damage. Fixed a bug that prevented the player from using a kunai Use Sword: Charge Blade Morph Slash after dodging in Sword Mode Fixed a bug where the Sword: Return Stroke from the Charge Blade was executed instead of the Sword: Forward Slash if executed right after dodging in sword mode without hitting the left stick Fixed a bug that prevented the artillery launcher’s artillery skill compensation from being applied to Fire element pieces when rolling. use bombardment, charged bombardment or heavy bombardment Fixed a bug causing connection errors and crashes if the player has more than 15 status icons in total Fixed a bug causing an angle fix severe when you press X + A after the performance Charge Blade Counter Peak rmance Fixed a bug that caused invincibility to be canceled due to a crash when using Dual Blades Demon Flight. Miscellaneous Fixed a bug preventing defense bonuses from displaying correctly on the equipment confirmation screen in the arena. Fixed light change animations to make some effects a bit smoother. Fixed a bug causing a buddy’s old name to be displayed during a quest if the buddy’s name is changed during online play. Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented monsters from responding correctly when they are launched towards a vent in the lava caverns from a specific angle. Quickly toggles between ‘Ready’ and ‘Wake Up Sleep Mode’ during online play. Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented a Lucky Life icon from disappearing after picking it up, due to connection latency. Fixed various text bugs. Other miscellaneous bug fixes were made.



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