Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak getting four new monsters and more tomorrow

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak getting four new monsters and more tomorrow

A month after the release of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, Capcom has detailed the expansion’s first free post-launch update, which arrives tomorrow August 10, bringing a bunch of new additions – including four new monsters – for hunters. hardened.

We already knew Seething Bazelguese and Lucent Nargacuga would be coming as part of Sunbreak’s first post-launch update, but Capcom has now revealed two more additions in the form of Silver Rathalos and Gold Rathian, with all four becoming available to Master Rank 10. .

The Lucent Nargacuga, returning to the series for the first time since its unforgettable debut in Monster Hunter Ultimate 3, can reflect moonlight to turn invisible, and is found in the new Forlorn Arena – a reinterpretation of its original light-lit home. the moon.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak – Free Title Update 1 Trailer.

The Seething Bazelguese, on the other hand, differs from the base version with its constantly active explosive scales, and has an extra powerful state where it “bubbles” with rage, flooding the area with its volatile projectiles.

As for the returning Silver Rathalos and Gold Rathian, they both have the ability to enter a powerful glowing state – increasing the ferocity of their attacks – and also feature a number of new moves debuting in Sunbreak. And of course, all new monsters come with corresponding new armor sets, each equipped with a range of new skills.

Title Update 1 also brings significant improvements to Sunbreak’s Anomaly Quests – a post-launch feature allowing hunters of MR10 or higher to face monsters with an affliction that sends them into an ultra-violent rage. Previously, Anomaly quests peaked at Rank A4* (accessible at MR50), but tomorrow’s update will add new Rank A5* afflicted monsters – including Lunagaron and Mama Almudron – which are unlocked via new surveys on the anomalies.

Monster Hunter digital event – August 2022.

Anomaly Investigations are quests that have random elements, including target monsters, locations, and player count. Each has a set level, and the higher the level, the greater the strength of the monster and the better the rewards. These rewards include special materials that unlock new upgrade options for weapons and armor. Players can, for example, choose which specific stats they want to improve on their weapons – attack power, perhaps, or affinity – while armor can be upgraded with random stat upgrades.

Finally, on the Anomaly front, Title Update 1 introduces the new Anomaly Research Lab facility, allowing players to trade items they obtain while investigating Anomalies for items. that can be used in the making of Qurios. Capcom says it will increase the anomaly quest rank, maximum level of investigations, and monsters available to fight with each new title update.

Complementing the free stuff in Title Update 1 are new guild card pages, rewards, and titles, and players can expect an assortment of “miscellaneous” bug fixes and game improvements. life quality. It will also come with a selection of paid DLC, including new layered armor for hunters and their companions, new gestures, stickers, hairstyles, music, and more.

But it’s still not quite within the scope of Sunbreak’s first free update. Starting August 18, Capcom will begin releasing weekly event quests through your base mail. Each is configured to present unique conditions that hunters must face, including extremely difficult Dual Threats event quests that pit players against two monsters at the same time.

And looking further ahead, Capcom announces that it will release Sunbreak’s Title Update 2 “late September”, promising new rare species monsters, subspecies monsters, and power up monsters. Title Update 3 is scheduled for this “winter”, bringing new special species monsters and power-up monsters, and free updates will continue until 2023.

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