Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak updated to version 12.0.0


Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak continues to see some post-release content. Most of it has been coming in the form of new updates, and some of these updates have been very huge. In fact, earlier this month, Capcom had announced that there would be a major update coming later this September.

Well, as promised, Capcom has released the update. Once you update Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, the game should be at version 12.0.0. This is a big update, with a lot of new story elements, system elements, and much more. The full patch notes are down below.

New Story Elements

New monsters have been added and will appear in Gathering Hub quests.

New afflicted monsters and a new Risen elder dragon have been added to the game.

New quests have been added.

The Anomaly Research Level cap has been raised.

The level cap for Anomaly Investigations has been raised.

A wider variety of monsters now appear on Anomaly Investigations.

Added the ability to view all of the various quest details for an Anomaly Investigation when you join via a Join Request.

New weapons, armor, layered equipment, and skills have been added.

A layered equipment system has been added for weapons.

New prizes have been added to the Market’s lottery.

New System Elements

New Guild Card awards and titles have been added.

You can now choose to display or hide “Fixed Items” in your item bar (Whetstone, Close-range Coating, Normal Ammo 1, Throwing Kunai, and BBQ Spit).

Steam version

New Badges of Heroes have been added.

A new “Horror” display filter has been added.

Steam achievements have been added for the awards introduced in Ver.

Achievements for new medals added in Ver. will be available in the next update, Free Title Update 3.

Bug Fixes and Balance Adjustments



It is now easier to transition into a crouch after stopping in place after a sheathed dash.

Long Sword: Made it easier for the follow-up attacks from Harvest Moon to hit a large monster when it moves far in a short amount of time.

Long Sword: Fixed an issue where the effect from Harvest Moon would linger if, while the Harvest Moon effect is active, you use a Radial Menu shortcut to use an item and then draw your weapon in the middle of the animation.

Dual Blades: Fixed an issue where, when your Demon Gauge is full and you are in Demon Mode or Feral Demon Mode, taking damage during the Swap Evade that triggers from level 2 of the skill Redirection would unintentionally cancel Archdemon Mode.

Dual Blades: Fixed an issue where performing a Switch Skill Swap during Demon Mode or Feral Demon Mode would activate two heal effects when the Dango Shifter skill is active.

Lance: Fixed an issue where the Lance could not be properly sheathed at certain times after coming to a stop with your weapon drawn.

Hammer: Fixed an issue where using Spinning Bludgeon: Charge and then dodging an attack with Charge Switch would not trigger the Bladescale Hone skill properly.

Hunting Horn: Fixed an issue where follow-up attacks from Silkbind Shockwave would trigger status buildup visual effects despite the attacks not having a buildup effect.

Switch Axe: Fixed an issue where Zero Sum Discharge Finisher might sometimes trigger in an incorrect location.

Charge Blade: It is now easier to combo from a Sword: Shield Thrust into an Axe: Amped Element Discharge.

Charge Blade: Fixed an issue where a successful hit with Air Dash would keep you immune to flinching for the duration of the action, but the damage reduction would end prematurely.

Insect Glaive: Fixed an issue where, rarely, using Recall Kinsect right before fainting would mistakenly make the health gauge appear as though you still had health remaining (as though the health recovery had activated in time) at the moment you fainted.

Light Bowgun: Fixed an issue where the increased damage effect from Quickstep Evade would not trigger properly when performing a Mech Silkbind Shot too quickly after a Quickstep Evade.

Light Bowgun: Fixed an issue where the Type 2 setting in Directional Control Settings would not work correctly when using the Fanning Maneuver skill.

Steam Version

Light Bowgun: Fixed an issue where the direction of Fanning Vault would be skewed when using the skill when you have a high frame rate.

Heavy Bowgun: Fixed an issue where single shots performed with fast, repeated inputs would result in an erratic rate of fire when the Crouching Shot skill is equipped.

Heavy Bowgun: Fixed an issue where you could not fire your weapon right after using Tackle to cancel a Free Silkbind Glide when the Crouching Shot skill is equipped.

Heavy Bowgun: Fixed an issue where the sound of certain heavy bowguns’ shots would change depending on which custom mods it has equipped.


Fixed an issue where attacking while riding a Palamute equipped with certain Palamute gear would not activate a Healing Clover Bat.

Adjusted the attack parameters of and interaction between Palamute Silkbinder and Ranged-Centric.


Fixed an issue where the system message wouldn’t properly display showing that you had obtained an item as thanks for helping a fallen Follower up.

Fixed an issue where Followers would leave their crouching or crawling state.

Fixed an issue where your Follower might sometimes run around in circles.

Large monsters no longer go after Followers who are Wyvern Riding in a different area of the map.

Fixed an issue where Followers would continue to attack a large monster after it has been slain.

Fixed an issue where Followers would not dismount from their Palamute when trying to use a ranged weapon.

Fixed an issue where the large monster you are currently fighting might go after a Follower who has used a Stinkmink before leaving the area to Wyvern Ride another monster.

Fixed an issue where dialogue messages from Fiorayne would trigger rapidly and continuously for a period of time.

Fixed an issue where Hinoa would stay in place continuously reapplying arrow coatings when using the bow.

Fixed an issue where Minoto would stop attacking while the monster you are fighting is affected by an abnormal status.

Fugen’s endemic life traps will no longer hit the player.


Fixed an issue where effects that increase the number of monster material drops would cause other dropped materials to disappear.

Fixed an issue where certain monsters would continue to run at walls.

Fixed an issue where some monster attacks could go through walls and other obstacles.

Fixed an issue where attacks that trigger explosions would not work correctly on sloped terrain.

Fixed an issue where turf wars between Scorned Magnamalo and any of the following monsters, Teostra, Kushala Daora, or Bazelgeuse, would unintentionally result in doubled damage.

Fixed an issue where the health values of some small monsters in the Arena were set lower than intended.

Boggi: Fixed an issue where some of Boggi’s attacks were causing no damage.

Great Baggi: Fixed an issue where Great Baggi could not climb all the way up the wall in certain locations of the Frost Islands locale.

Daimyo Hermitaur: Fixed an issue where Daimyo Hermitaur would get stuck while moving in certain parts of the Shrine Ruins.

Rathian: Fixed an issue where Rathian could not climb all the way up the wall in certain locations.

Basarios: Fixed an issue where Basarios would unintentionally be able to use its flame gas attack while in its exhausted state.

Shogun Ceanataur: Fixed an issue where Shogun Ceanataur was not able to put other monsters into a mountable state with its attacks.

Shogun Ceanataur: Made it easier to hit large-sized Shogun Ceanataur with weapons that have short reach.

Magnamalo, Scorned Magnamalo: Fixed an issue where some of the attacks used by master rank Magnamalo or Scorned Magnamalo when its tail is not shrouded in Hellfire would mistakenly inflict the player with Hellfireblight.

Almudron, Magma Almudron: Made adjustments to an issue where Almudron and Magma Almudron would behave strangely when downed or affected by certain status effects near a ledge.

Magma Almudron: Fixed an issue where the damage effects and vibration would disappear when Magma Almudron’s hide toughness changes when hitting it with the long sword’s Silkbind Sakura Slash skill.

Mizutsune: Fixed an issue where Mizutsune’s double charging attack would unintentionally cause multi-hits.

Fixed an issue where the turf war between Mizutsune and Astalos could trigger when a wall is separating them.

Espinas: Fixed an issue where the location of Espinas when it is sleeping would not sync properly during multiplayer, making it appear in the wrong location.

Espinas: Fixed an issue where an Espinas’s toad prey would not properly disappear if you interrupt Espinas during its predation behavior.

Pyre Rakna-Kadaki: Fixed an issue where Pyre Rakna-Kadaki’s cocoon could not be broken if the cocoon break and a status effect trigger at the same time.

Gaismagorm: Fixed an issue where the breath attack that Gaismagorm would use while climbing up a wall could hit outside of its intended range.

Wind Serpent Ibushi: Fixed an issue where incorrect music would sometimes play after the Dragonator becomes available during the fight with Wind Serpent Ibushi.

Furious Rajang: Fixed an issue where downing Furious Rajang when it lifts a boulder after failing a restraining attack would fail to cause it to drop the boulder.

Crimson Glow Valstrax: Fixed an issue where Crimson Glow Valstrax’s bite attack would unintentionally trigger multi-hits.

Crimson Glow Valstrax: Fixed an issue where Crimson Glow Valstrax’s comet attack could not be heard when in certain parts of the Jungle locale.

Wyvern Riding

Fixed an issue where, rarely, Wyvern Riding attacks would cause a different amount of damage than intended.

Locales and Environment


Fixed an issue where the player could get stuck while riding a Palamute in certain locations in the Frost Islands and Jungle locales.

Fixed an issue where monsters could get stuck on the cliff’s edge in Area 7 of the Jungle locale.

Fixed an issue where the player could get stuck on certain trees in Area 9 of the Jungle locale.

Fixed an issue where the player could fall through the ground in certain parts of the Citadel locale.

Fixed an issue where the player could get stuck in the air while falling in certain locations of the Citadel locale.

Fixed an issue where the player could fall through the ground after using a Great Wirebug in parts of the Jungle and Citadel locales.

Fixed an issue where the player could get stuck in certain locations of the Frost Islands locale.

Fixed an issue where the music and other sound effects would not play correctly for a short amount of time in Area 5 of the Lava Caverns locale.

Endemic Life

It is now easier to hit your target when throwing a Marionette Spider.

Fixed an issue where you could not put a monster into a mountable state when hitting it with a Puppet Spider for the first time during an Anomaly Investigation.

Fixed an issue where the contents of a Scale Lizard’s material drops would be incorrect in some Support Surveys.

Fixed an issue where the Morphed Wirebugs obtained by guest players would fail to reappear when playing online.

Base and Facilities 


Fixed an issue where the player could fall through the ground in certain parts of Elgado Outpost.


Fixed an issue where you could no longer select past the second page of the decorations list after performing certain inputs at the Smithy or the item box.

Steam version

The cursor at the Smithy material selection window can now also be moved up or down by holding the direction.

Fixed an issue with the decoration box where some decorations would temporarily become unselectable if they were on a page of your decoration list that disappeared after selling decorations (and thereby reducing the number of pages on your decoration list).

Fixed an issue where holding down left or right would not allow you to flip pages in the decoration list while using the Set Decorations function.

Increased the chance of getting a secondary skill on a talisman when using Melding—Reincarnation at the Market’s Melding Pot.

Fixed an issue with Hinoa’s chitchat dialogue that would trigger after completing Special License Test 1.

Fixed an issue where hunting variant monsters would not properly unlock the base monster’s soundtrack.

Fixed an issue where the skill cost shown for the topmost skill in the Skills to Teach window of the Buddy Skill Lesson could appear misaligned.

Basarios Pallium has been added to the items available to be traded for at the Anomaly Research Lab.



Fixed the reward money and Master Rank points awarded for the 2★ MR quest Plant Probe Pests.

The Hunter Rank point award for Advanced: True King of the Skies has been fixed from 4,480 points to 4,510 points.

Stoutbone rewards from Optional Subquests in Master Rank have been replaced with Solid Bone.

Fixed an issue where a quest search would continue interminably when an attempt was made to join a quest via Join Request at the same time that the quest came to an end.

Increased the chance of obtaining afflicted materials from carving and broken part rewards.

Made it easier for research requests with lower conditions to appear in relation to the player’s Anomaly Research Level.

Fixed an issue where the search settings for Anomaly Investigations would reset if the setting application failed or was canceled.

Nintendo Switch

Fixed an issue that prevented you from continuing the game when the game enters sleep mode in the middle of a Follower Collab Quest while in a local lobby.

Fixed an issue where, if the max amount of Anomaly Research Points for an area had been reached during a multiplayer Anomaly Investigation, the message indicating this would not display after gathering an item at an afflicted gathering point.


Fixed an issue where the names of a light bowgun and heavy bowgun were assigned for the opposite bowgun type in the Basario Tree. Light Bowgun: Gaia Eater → Volarevolver Heavy Bowgun: Volarevolver → Gaia Eater

Royal Order’s Bow: Rarity changed from 8 to 9.

Diamond Dust Bow+: Rarity changed from 8 to 9.

Fixed an issue with the name of the arm piece for the Espinas armor set.

Fixed an issue preventing the player’s hair from displaying when Type 1 of the Edel armor set is equipped.

Fixed an issue preventing the player’s hair from displaying when Type 2 of the Vaik armor set is equipped.

Fixed an issue with the color pigment area setting for Type 2 of the Commission Vest armor.

Fixed some mistakes with the default color settings of multiple Palico and Palamute layered equipment.

Fixed the name and description for the sword & shield Platinum Dawn, which was mistakenly referred to as the Shining Wyvern Blade.

Fixed an issue that caused the bow’s shadow to appear in a different location when the player is equipped with a bow made with Lunagaron materials.


Fixed an issue where the recoil and reload values would display incorrectly when changing to a light bowgun loadout that differs from your equipped Switch Skill loadout.

Fixed an issue that allowed the guild card award Great Wirebug Medal to be awarded under the wrong conditions.

Fixed an issue that would cause the Qurious Crafting icon to display next to an armor slot for an Augmented piece of armor in the guild card equipment page even after the armor piece is unequipped.


Fixed an issue where the explosion sound after Shagaru Magala’s breath attack would be unaffected even by muting all of the sound settings.

Fixed an issue where Dame Luchika would continue to speak in Japanese even if the language setting had been changed to Monster Hunter Language.


Fixed an issue where the position of the Pattern Color (Section 3) area would be incorrect when changing the color of a Palico with a Type 6 coat.

Fixed an issue where unintended messages would display in the chat log for players in a lobby.

Fixed an issue where messages indicating that a quest has been posted would not properly display in the chat log of a lobby.

Fixed an issue where the camera would get stuck in the ground during the quest completion scene.

Fixed an issue where the description of the Zamite material “Supple Piel” incorrectly referred to the material coming from a Leviathan.

Fixed an issue with the description of level 3 of the Super Recovery Dango skill. It now correctly indicates that it activates “when you’re not spotted by a large monster.

Fixed an issue preventing the player from closing the error message that appears when viewing a guild card that has a picture data error.


Fixed an issue where the game would fade to black and freeze if you start the game with certain special characters in your Steam profile name.

Fixed an issue where the copyright information on screenshots saved to a local folder would only show the year 2021.

Fixed an issue where the characters after an emoji in a Steam profile name would appear blank. Emoji are now replaced with “□” characters and do not cause the following characters to appear blank.

Nintendo Switch

Fixed an issue where an error would occur when saving the game or going to a loading screen, if the save file size was too large. (This fix will be applied in stages.)

Fixed various text bugs.

Other miscellaneous bug fixes have been made.


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