Most Anticipated games of 2021 by the GMG Staff

Most Anticipated games of 2021 by the GMG Staff

At Green Man Gaming, we are just a bunch of happy gamers, as you might expect from us. Among our team we have die-hard PC gaming aficionados of course, but we pride ourselves on the vastly different backgrounds and preferred genres / franchises of our staff. Therefore, we are all looking forward to different things to play in 2021!

Are you curious about at least some of the most anticipated 2021 titles among the Green Man Gaming team? We sure are, and that’s why we asked a few colleagues from different parts of the business to reveal to your blog readers which game they are most waiting for from those coming out next year. Are you ready for some unexpected choices? Enjoy!

Hitman 3

Susan Green – Awards Administrator

I can’t wait to HITMAN III in 2021! HITMAN 2 was a spectacular combination of nonsense and murder, and I look forward to whatever antics we can do with Agent 47 as he travels the world, stealthily killing at Diana’s orders.

He doesn’t ask any questions, he leaves no traces, but he might appease you with an expired can of spaghetti sauce. And he’s definitely sprinting through the levels chased by all the available guards, yelling “Where’s the exit?”… Or at least he does when I’m in control.

New Pokémon Snap

Matteo Scannavini – Social Media Manager

I know, I’m a nostalgic guy. This is the main reason why my most anticipated game of 2021 (Honorable Mention for Halo Infinite) is the sequel to a game from 1999 that I just loved as a kid. I’m clearly talking about New Pokémon Snap, which will arrive on Nintendo Switch in 2021 and developed – surprisingly – by Bandai Namco.

It’s hard to explain the charm of Pokémon Snap: it’s a comfortable rail game where you’re tasked with finding and photographing as many wild pocket monsters as possible, also trying to make your snaps into masterpieces. artistic by taking pictures at the best angle, from a distance or having more than one Pokemon in the frame. I know, it sounds SO boring and it’s actually a little bit, but it’s the right kind of chill-out game that you chill out in and it lets you see how Pokémon behave outside of battles. Pokémon is probably my favorite brand, but I’ve actually grown indifferent to the mainstream games lately, finding them too identical and lacking in innovation, but bringing back such a quirky ’90s spinoff is making my heart beat faster and faster. quickly.


Jan Leonhardt – Senior Vice President, Performance Marketing

Currently, I am the most impatient of mankind! With more hours than I would like to admit spent on Civilization IV and then VI (I just finished skipping V completely) it’s exciting to see someone take the classic 4x formula and try something new with it.

The start of the game looks promising, and the team’s unique take on mechanics like religion, culture, and diplomacy means I can’t wait to get back to the world of Hexagonal World Domination simulators!


Zachery Rodgers – Marketing Performance Manager

The game I mostly look forward to playing in 2021 is Stray. Hanged like a piece of wool in January at Sony’s Future of Gaming event, that’s what I most anticipated. Stray is a third-person cat adventure set in a futuristic cyber city.

You’ll be free to roam Cybercity, a place where the name of the game is stealthy, and with the help of your own droid friend, you’ll attempt to unravel the ancient mystery and escape the miserable neon-lit urban jungle. . Beans and a backpack, this game already makes me purr.

Mass Effect: legendary edition

Melissa Hancocks – Junior Designer

For 2021, the game I expect the most is the Mass Effect: Legendary Edition! The Mass Effect series has always been my all-time favorite game (I remember my brother got it for Christmas in 2007, and I was like … can I play now? It looked so good and I love everything sci-fi), and now I have the chance to play again with refreshed and updated visuals.

If that wasn’t cool enough, it looks like there will be a brand new game in the series also down the line, which was just announced at The Game Awards! Overall, I would definitely say that Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is one of the main games that I look forward to playing next year. Of course there are others, but this is my # 1 choice!

Warhammer 40,000: Darktide

Milo Mannion – Senior Brand and Campaign Manager

If you are anything like me then you have spent the last 5 years since the first was released Vermintide game thinking “why isn’t there a Warhammer 40k version of this?”. Finally, some good news has arrived in 2020: Fatshark is making a 40k version under the name Darktide and it looks amazing. Dozens of cultists to shoot? Yes. Poxwalkers ready for the middle end of a chainsword? Yes. A minister ministorum screaming “burn the heretic” as they assassinate everything in sight with a fucking thunder hammer? SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY.

The Vermintide formula has been a huge success and I hope Darktide will give us all the goodness that Fatshark has honed over the last 2 Vermintide games and really deliver the action game that Warhammer fans have been asking for consistently.

It’s us, but what about you? What’s your most anticipated 2021 game?

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