MOST ANTICIPATED NEW STRATEGY GAMES 2021 (Real Time Strategy, 4X & Turn Based Strategy Games)


New New Year’s list – strategy games to look forward to in 2021, of course! From turn-based RTS to 4x and more, this year promises to be extremely exciting for fans of strategy and tactical gaming. Among the large number we can expect, between indie and AAA titles, here are my most anticipated strategy games of 2021. Do you have any games in mind that I should check out? Let me know in the comments! Follow me on Twitter: Join: Support me on Patreon: Send a Tip: Join us on Discord: 00:00 – Intro 00:57 – Stronghold: Warlords 03:11 – HUMANKIND 06:32 – The First Hommes 07:58 – Star Dynasties 09:52 – Carrier Command 2 11:01 – Stellar Warfare 12:36 – Terra Invicta 15:44 – Manor Lords 19:02 – Darkest Dungeon 2 20:18 – King’s Bounty 2 21:55 – Falling Frontier 25:01 – City of Gangsters 26:29 – Knights of Honor 2 – Sovereign 28:55 – Songs of Conquest 31:01 – Starship Troopers – Terran Command 32:45 – Age of Empire IV 35:14 – Sons of Valhalla #StrategyGames #StrategyGaming #UpcomingGames .



  1. EDIT: Sim, City-builders, and Management games of 2021 here – !
    The time has come! I love kicking the year off by looking at exciting prospects to come. 2021 strategy gaming is looking great! Lots of new info on delayed titles, and some fresh new picks to look at, too. Anything you're looking forward to? Let me know below!

  2. So with terra invicta as the prussia fan boy I am can compare it too prussia. Humans or prussians unify factions to beat great foes, in this case france (even though it's military wasn't so great).

  3. Looking at this a year later, early 2022, it is interesting to see that few of these games have released yet. It is amazing how consistently games fail to meet their deadlines. That isn’t a bad thing for indie games though as hopefully the devs are spending the time to polish up their games, whilst many more mainstream companies push their games out unfinished.

  4. I want to vent this here: I am Romanian, it was a pain playing the last remaster of AoE2 with Vlad Tepes, he fought the ottoman empire, and the devs chose his campaign to be voiced in turkish… ffs

  5. Falling frontier looks cool as hell, hope pls come to consoles, im on ps4 and later be on ps5.

    That other space game looked good too, stellar warfare.

    Is king's bounty any good? Looks nice enough, seems i saw a poor review on it.

    Anyone know the list of strategy, tactical, turnbased games coming to consoles in 2022+?

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  7. Where the hell are command & conquer games ? we had a wave of these new age real time strategy games where the camera zooms out, way, way out ! and the player controls massive battles ! this in my opinion kills real time strategy games ! these games are best when camera is kept close as to see the battle details, where the player has to pan around or click on mini map to fast travel to map sectors. instead of giving us larger scale battles and infinite zoom out… keep it original with better life like graphics and more realistic unit behavior !

  8. It seems you need to put the Hegemony grand strategy RTS games by canadian studio Longbow onto your radar. This is a series that deserves more attention for it's historical accuracy and unique atmosphere. A DLC "Isle of Giants" is due to be released this year, not sure if they'll make it, though.

  9. Hello, we are working on a indie strategy game which might interest you. It's called Global Conflagration, we have some gameplay footage right here on YouTube. If you are interested or have questions please let us know.


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