Must Have M Rated Switch Games


Don’t know what to play or what to buy? Join TVGS as I list and discuss ten of the best mature Nintendo Switch games the console has received. Many excellent adult games have been released for the Switch, so let me know your top 10 best rated Switch games below! Join us on Discord – All my Switch videos can be found here – Support the channel on Patreon to participate in giveaways and receive exclusive content , for $1 a month! – Shorts & Live Stream Channel – • ⬇ Follow me here ⬇ • Twitter – https://www.twitter. com/thevgshow Twitch – Facebook – Instagram – • ⬇ More Episodes ⬇ • GBA Playlist – PS1 Playlist – PS3 Playlist – Playlist PS2 Playlist – PS4 Playlist – PSP Playlist – N64 Playlist – DS Playlist – https://tinyurl .com/NDS–videos Gamecube Playlist – Xbox 360 Playlist – https :// 3DS Playlist – SNES Playlist – Change Playlist – https:// Vita Playlist – Wii Playlist – Dreamcast Playlist – dreamcast-videos.



  1. I’m sorry to say, but none of those games are really must have on switch. They run better on the consuls way better and they all have a lot of issues on the Nintendo switch. I get the only four Nintendo switch ones are a must has, but anything that’s multi platform. It’s always better to play it on the better consuls.

  2. Definitely a lot of my favorite games on the system are here:
    Dark Souls Remastered
    Shin Megami Tensei V (and III)
    Fatal Frame (although I don't like MotBW gameplay that much)
    Doom Eternal
    Bayonetta 3

    I still have to play No More Heroes ????

  3. I enjoyed Fatal Frame very much with it's creepy, ominous, haunted places. Nice to see it as number 1 on this list. A shoutout to Sifu, a mature rated martial arts action game with much depth.


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