My BEST Games Room Addition Yet! Video Game Hunting! New Stuff & More…


Join me for another stacked vlog as I make amazing games room upgrades, add new Video games & hunt charity shops, cex etc….

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Pix n Love… .



  1. Great content man, I got hooked to your channel during your week of Vlogs. Liking the all-white Kallax idea. Have you seen the PAL ceramic white ps2 slim on ebay currently? didn't know such a thing existed but just stumbled across it and thought of you!

  2. Hold up. I told Dylan about the pix n love sale. And yet my games only got dispatched today ????????
    I nearly overlooked soldiers too the box art does not sell it does it.????

  3. Baby Ghetto has got taste, stealing that tetris, can't beat a bit of tetris ????
    The darkness is really cool, I do prefer the 2nd, that is defo worgh a go, its a lot more intense and action packed ????
    That light topper is absolutely stunning ????
    Souls-like elements is a phrase I run away from ???????????????? looks lovely tho.
    Enjoy Spiderman, they are insane games ????
    I saw that Ace Combat when you picked it up, always meant to give it a go. Not played a flight/combat sim in a very long time ????
    Top stuff man ????

  4. The new lighting addition looks great. Have you tried souldiers yet? I picked it up for £0.88p on g2a and wow its great. I will get the ps4 version when the price drops, for those all important trophies 🙂

  5. I found a white Megadrive for sale which might be good for your all white gaming unit. I can't seem to post the link or my post keeps getting taken down. Any way to send you the link.

  6. Hi Callum , I live in Lichfield and I always see you get great charity shop finds that I must have missed – I timed my run well last week and got the fifa 21 and 22 from the St Giles shop for 50p each (straight to cex for voucher) leaving the fifa 20 and 19 that you show in your vlog vid , love the new game room feature it looks amazing , I think I will be attempting a new games room in the new year , thanks for all the great content ???? and many congratulations on the safe arrival of mini ghetto.

  7. hi m8 just want to say love 3.0 got ps4 xb series x wii ps2 but my fave i have of all time must be ps3 love got 35 games for it but still looking for more lol anyway hi to ghetto family stay safe enjoy gaming bye

  8. Great vlog! Glad to see such a variety of games. Played Spiderman on my steam deck and beat it. Went back finished miles morales and now ready for Spiderman 2 at Christmas time. 360 is too easy to collect for, love the topper!

  9. Great update Callum, enjoyed this one.

    Man alive I loved Spider-Man back in the day. It’s one of then that I’d like to go back to and play it again in remastered form. I last week finished SM2 and you’re right you do get side tracked with the side quests, but they’re so much fun.

    I was excited to see what your SLG pickups and you did very well, all great games. Hopefully the warehouse sake does well for SLG. My PS4 copy of Air Twister arrived yesterday which is nice. Fingers crossed I’ll get all my outstanding games shortly.

    Yeah Pix n Love do some great games to be fair. A very SNK heavy line up, but that ain’t a bad thing.

    The topper looks great. I had my doubts, but no it really adds to the overall look of the room.

    Any have a great Sunday mate.


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