My Favourite Nintendo Switch Games of ALL TIME (2023 Edition)


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  1. New to your channel, which I LOVE. But as a cozy gamer, I was surprised you liked 3H so much. I liked it – but I find it so stressful – both in terms of work and tasks and having emotional connection to the characters. I like that in Engage the Somniel aspect is less demanding/integral to success, the characters all feel like they can take care of themselves, are very battle-hardened – and most are not teens or young adults. I almost had to psychologically dis-engage (no pun intended) with 3H to finish.

  2. My ultimate favorite right now is Kirby the forgotten land. I'm obsessed . I can't stop playing it. I'm probably going to repeat it from scratch so I can get everything 100% to reach perfection!! ????????????

  3. I actually bought a switch as a present for myself. My mental health is so bad that it's essentially non existent. I bought Zelda botw and animal crossing with it. It's such a good way to distract me when I'm really not doing well which is rare for me to be distracted 🙂 Love your video's a lot since I love cozy games and you're soo nice to listen to

  4. Which should I get first? Three houses or xenoblade 3? I'm also thinking about getting P5R but I get the feeling that I'd enjoy it more if I played it on ps5

  5. I picked up beacon pines because of one of your videos, and I have to thank you for that. It was such a beautiful game and it kept me captivated throughout. Such a fun novel concept too (at least to me)❤

  6. missing super mario odyssey and DKC Tropical Freeze and metroid dread, and now a month after this upload, metroid prime remaster. easily would have snubbed a few games off this list for mario odyssey, mario 3d all stars, DKC, metroid dread, etc.


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