My Top 10 MOST PLAYED GAMES on Switch by HOURS


My top 10 most played Nintendo Switch games by how many HOURS I put into them! The list certainly surprised me!


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  1. People commenting that my stats are lower than expected. That because I'm always bouncing around. For instance all this week I've been on the PS5 and PSVR2. The week before it was all Xbox Series X with Dead Space remake, Crisis Core and Hogwarts. Before that it was all those GB / GBA homebrew games. Before that Steam games for the OneXPlayer2 review. Etc…Etc… And yes, I do finish games… just typically the 5, 10 or 15 hour long ones.

  2. Top played Switch games.. Quite uh, a jump between 5 and 6..

    Deemo – 5 hours.
    Smash Bros – 60 hours
    Monter Hunter Rise – 75 hours
    Pokemon Scarlet – 90 hours
    Fire Emblem 3H – 155 hours
    Pokemon Sword – 420 hours

  3. My list would be :

    10# Overwatch 2 – 5 hours

    9# Fortnite – 10 hours

    8# Super Kirby Clash – 15 hours

    7# Dragon ball fighterz – 20 hours

    6# Crash bandicoot N-sane Trilogy – 35 hours

    5# New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe – 40 hours

    4# – Super Mario 3d World + Bowser's Fury – 80 hours

    3# The Witcher 3 – Complete edition – 90 hours (bought it recently so probably gonna be around 100h+)

    2# Youtube – 135 hours (lol)

    1# Super Mario Odyssey – 140 hours+ (speedruning reasons)

  4. This video shows what is wrong with the switch, the most played games are either the few first party games (zelda, mario, etc) and then inferior ports of ancient games, the few new games that are exclusive for the switch are gimmicks that will entertain your for an hour or two, but definetly not worth the price, its like the n64 but worse, at least the small library the n64 had was full of great games, it was quality over quantity, the switch is just….underwhelming, the few games worth playing don't make up for the fact that you have to buy an underpowered console even for its realease to even play them.
    And i'm not hating, i own a switch and since i turned it into an emulation station i've been using it a lot, just saying what i think about a system that has been dissapointing me time and time again only to release a great game once a in while (recently it was tears of the kingdom for example).
    I mean, not being able to even run saints rows 3 at a decen't framerate is just embarrasing for the switch.


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