My Top 10 Most Rare and Valuable Nintendo DS Games


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  1. Great video! I guess I wouldn’t have a chance to own DQV in my lifetime. Last time I checked the price has jumped to nearly $250 in eBay. ?

  2. Solatorobo is one of my most precious games in my collection, it is just so charming and I loved the story and the characters and the music and the visuals were amazing for a DS game. Yeah the gameplay is the only downside to the game.

  3. I have DQ V for DS and I love it so much!! What an amazing game! I'm a die hard Final Fantasy fan. However this game give FF a run for its money and you CAN'T go wrong with that game. It's amazing!

  4. DQ IX… so rare you were able to buy 5 copies? All the DS DQ games were easily available for quite some time. I don't think you mean rare… from the order you've listed them at, I think you mean most expensive to pick up today. That's not the same as rare. A rare game is one with very limited quantities at release and hard to find today. Some guy on EBAY or Amazon deciding to take the price up into the stratosphere YEARS after the game was released doesn't make it rare, either. So I guess only "valuable" applies.

  5. Do you do special care on storing them?if so can you share a tip or two? I currently starting collecting rare DS games (mainly pokemon, SMT, or RPG games) and I store that in a sealed container filled with a bunch of silica gel. Maybe you have better suggestion?

  6. I am enjoying these videos, because I can compare against my own collection and see what I have and what I may have missed. I have been quite shocked to learn which games I have that I just bought when they came out and never parted with are now worth a lot!

    I always meant to add Nostalgia to my collection but never got around to it, and I fear it may be too late now unless I go with cart only.

  7. I sold my complete copy of Solatorobo for $45 about 4 years ago. I was not a fan neither of this particular title. But I am kicking myself for selling it when its valued at $300 CIB now.

  8. I have a sealed copy of DQIV and V I bought 6 years ago and I'm hesitating to unwrap them, just because of how much they sell for online. I see copies for 500+$ (I'm in Canada)

  9. Thanks for sharing your most valuable games! The only one I have is Dragon Quest IX, but neat to see it has some value! Watching your DQIV playthrough inspired me to play Dragon Quest again, so I recently started DQVI and really having a blast with it! It was the only DQ main series game, along with DQVIII that I hadn't played before. I have the Super Famicom version, and am playing an English fan translation using an emulator.

  10. Man I remember several years back seeing the DQ games simply being there for like 30 bucks new. Especially the VI and IX, these were still readily available around 2013. But I really think that in the last two years, they became quite rare and now the price simply sky-rocketed.


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