My TOP 10 Nintendo Switch Games of 2021 | cozy + casual games, rpg, action adventure ??


Hello friends! Can you believe another year of gaming has already passed? ? 2021 has been one of my toughest years yet, but it wasn’t without a lot to be thankful for. This channel and this community has helped me a lot this year, and I hope I was able to spread some happiness and good vibes to some of you, like you do to me. Wishing you all a safe and comfortable new year ~ see you in 2022 x ? Cozy switch gift ideas: ? more gift recommendations: https://amzn. to/3wM9uUL —- ———————— ✨shop my merch ? stay in touch! ? business inquiries #NintendoSwitch #SwitchGames #BestSwitchGames .



  1. for animal crossing on the switch they should of never added online to it because players cant really play with others onine since there are very important actions limited

  2. Have you played Ori and the Blind Forest or Ori and the Will of the Wisps yet??? It's very cozy and I think it's one you might enjoy. Very aesthetically pleasing with good gameplay and an amazing soundtrack.

  3. My top 5… if you haven’t played these why you even have a switch

    1. Zelda Botw
    2. Mario party superstars
    3. Paper Mario origami king
    4. Zelda hyrule warriors
    5. Links awakening

  4. I’ve been so stressed with school I haven’t taken any time to play games or have actual downtime? I got a switch last year and only used it a little, gonna get back into it and buy some new games. Thanks for your list!! <3

  5. When ur so committed to holding a cup of coffee for the ✨ aesthetic ✨ that you spill it on yourself amidst a pointless facecam talking session when you could be showing gameplay previews instead…

  6. Last year, ACNH, Yonder, Spiritfarer, Cozy Grove.
    This year I discovered Pokémon- I got hooked on Arceus then ended up buying brilliant diamond and let’s go pikachu. Currently loving Merchant of the Skies as well (similarities the Tradewinds games for anyone that played those). For switch that’s probably it for things I’m really into (others casually though)

  7. I'm thinking into buying a switch but I'm looking for what games Nintendo have I like games like Mario obviously lol and games that's are open world like gta if the Nintendo have games like that, like Zelda or little nightmares, I may buy one

  8. Hey how should i call you? Well anyway im very interested how you keep your time well managed between games, reading, and other stuff you do. Do you have a particular habit that you follow through your everyday life? If there is i would be very glad to watch a video with that content.


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