My Top 5 Most Wanted Nintendo Switch Games


Everyone and their mom made a video with a concept similar to this, but you’ve never seen mine! Today I’m talking about my Top 5 Most Wanted Unannounced Nintendo Switch Games. Remember to follow me on Twitter! In case you missed it, here are some links for each of the three videos listed, in order of mention. iaJcuUaCQIc Nintendo Switch Countdown Items created in part by HassanLechkar:



  1. Unfortunately, I didn't have enough time to record anything for my video on the topic, but during the editing process of this video, my channel surpassed 100 subscribers, AND had its 6 month anniversary, within a day of each other no less! Aside from how amazing of a coincidence that is, I wanna give a HUGE thank you to all of you, the 100+ people who thought my channel was worth your time. Even if this somehow ends up being the only group of 100 subscribers I get, I want all of you to know that this milestone will forever hold a place in my heart, and that I love every single one of you. THANK YOU!!!

  2. A game I want is Super Mario all stars 2 it would be super Mario bros 1, 2, 3 lost levels, world, land, land 2 and maybe yoshis island all remade in the new super Mario bros engine with nsmbudx graphics.

  3. Fantastic video! The editing and voice over work you do is way too good for a channel with 100 subscribers. Anyway, I do agree with a lot of your picks, and we really did have some of the same thoughts on Pikmin 4, although personally I'm kinda done with the Wii U ports. Also yeah, we should really have a Virtual Console.

  4. Yooo, you and I are set out on a journey to prove to everyone that the nintendo switch is definitely the greatest console ever lmao.. Keep up the quality content!


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